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Process Orchestration Framework


A Salesforce CRM application to support organizations
in the set-up and implementation of complex business processes.


Digital Transformation applied to Business Process Management Software

ProcessClick helps you modeling, managing and analyzing the lifecycle of business processes on your CRM, identifying bottlenecks and optimization areas. It is a customizable Business Process Management Software (BPM) solution that improves the design and maintenance of complex business processes at every level of your organization, reducing errors and delays in the workflow.

It supports System Integrator teams and Operation Managers to design, integrate, enforce and maintain business processes, structuring the solution with replicable design patterns and organizing processes in an ordered manner.

How does ProcessClick work?

A specialized suite of point and click tools allows the configuration of the complete lifecycle of each business process.
When processes are executed, their design is enforced in real time by the framework. Unallowed changes are rejected and therefore the overall system status stays coherent.
The framework provides tools to support business processes implementation, deployment, and maintenance tasks.
Visual tools describe process configurations in place, acting as a self-documenting feature useful when facing change requests or reconfigurations.

Software Features

Phase Manager
Configure and drive the complete lifecycle of each business process. A flowchart and a phase matrix describe the process state model and hence the underlying business logic.
Organize available processes to operators in a unified console. Availability depends on operators and other contextual info, e.g. the type of the customer being serviced.
Prevent the creation of a process incompatible with the current system status by looking at other running processes.
Suspend the execution of a process, waiting for other parallel processes to go through their execution providing a semaphoring mechanism.
Create and automatically assign activities to operators according to the process status. Offers template mechanisms and completion forms configurable with a layout builder.
Handle call-ins and call-outs in specific process moments, using a dynamic format that simplifies integration tasks.