Engineering: leader della Digital Transformation

Focus On


We aim to create value for Pharma companies, integrating strategic and operational aspects, through the use of specific skills and innovative technologies.

Case Study

Chiesi Farmaceutici: ICT outsourcing for Pharma 4.0

Cloud architectures, digitalization, process optimization and security are all investments that Chiesi Farmaceutici includes in its strategic ICT plan.

Case Study

A Smart Factory for the Pharma Industry

We innovate the processes of a leading company in the pharmaceutical industry, bringing it into the Industry 4.0 paradigm.

Case Study

Smart Pharma

Digital transformation for Health 4.0: a new intelligent sales platform to support medical sales representatives (MSRs).

Case Study

Consultancy for the digital factory

Analysis and support for innovatively overhauling production processes in view of the implementation of the new Manufacturing Execution System.

Case Study

Pharma Digital Transformation

We partnered with a leading international group in the "Health 4.0" paradigm to lead the integrated management of their information systems.