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Smart Energy & Utilities

Realizing the digital transformation on business models and processes along the entire E&U value chain by leveraging our expertise on core processes knowledge and by supporting our customers in the creation of new and reliable business paradigms.

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Smart Energy & Utilities

ENABLINGSERVICES Technology& Cloud Services Business & User Services IT Consulting MobileApplications UX & ServiceDesign ENABLINGTECHNOLOGIES Cloud AR / VR / MR Blockchain IOT Robotic ProcessAutomation Cybersecurity AI & AdvancedAnalytics Oil Power Gas Extra Commodity Water Waste Heating Billing Network Management Landfill to Energy Waste to Energy COLLECTION / DISPOSAL Field Logistic Management Asset Management WFM RevenueManagement SCADA IMPORT / PRODUCTION / EXTRACTION Market Balance Demand Management Energy AssetsManagement Carbon CertificateTrading MARKET TRADING Billing Settlement Scheduling Transaction of Capacity WFM STORAGE Settlement & Logistics Metering & Billing WFM SCADA GIS & QoS Services TRANSPORT Metering-to-Cash(MTC) Work Order Management Field ForceManagement Settlement Third Party Access DISTRIBUTION Contract-to-Cash(C2C) Settlement VAS Domestic Sensors WHOLESALE / RETAIL SALE DIGITAL PLATFORM Regulatory Compliance Accounting Logistics M2M
Manage any form of commercial documents issued by a seller or a buyer in the energy market. Manage the whole energy network and the exchanges that take place in this field. Collect, process and treat gas emitted from decomposing garbage to produce any other form of energy. Generate electricity and/or heat from the primary treatment of waste. Manage the storage of physical assets to gain complete control and obtain maximum capacity of energy production/extraction. Develop, operate, maintain, upgrade and dispose assets, both tangible and intangible, in the most cost-effective manner. Manage and maintain a productive and efficient workforce on the field. Predict consumer behaviour and optimize product availability and price to maximize revenue growth. Manage and control information and systems at this stage of the value chain through a control system architecture. Balance energy supply of available inputs with targeted outputs through economic planning. Forecast, plan for and manage the demand for gas or electricity and their exchanges on the market. Manage energy assets both physical, as production and storage facilities, or intangible, as stocks exchanged on the market. Emission trading linked to carbon dioxide (i.e. certificates that can be placed and exchanged directly on the market) Manage any form of commercial documents issued by a seller or a buyer in the energy market. Manage gas storage capacity sold to customers who then continue the process of gas transportation. Plan activities according to storage capacities, in compliance with the rules of the authority. Manage gas capacity sold during the process of both gas or water storage and consequently gas transportation Manage and maintain a productive and efficient workforce on the field. Manage physical means of transportation, whether related to power or water or any other product. Measure the quantity of energetic means transported in compliance with regulatory rules. Manage and maintain a productive and efficient workforce on the field. Manage and control information and systems at this stage of the value chain through a control system architecture. Share data and information between workers to deliver a higher quality service to the customer. Process meter data for time-of-use-based billing plans for households and commercial / industrial clients of power, gas and water. Manage order lists received by energy distributors. Automate all processes and activities that don't have to be carried out manually. Manage the final stage of energy transportation that links the high level transportation to the end-users. Make energy distribution channels easily accessible to third parties Manage payments made by customers who receive a service, as heating, or products, as gas or electricity. Manage the amount of product or service sold to the end-user. Give added value to basic services usually provided to customers, creating a competitive advantage with respect to the market. Make people's life manageable and automatized through dedicated technologies Ensure compliancy with regulatory evolutions, adapting to related transformations. Measure, process, and communicate financial information concerning companies operating in the energy field. Manage the storage of physical assets used to produce energy or to transport it. Provide direct communication between devices using any channel, both wired and wireless. Services aimed to design, implement, transform, optimize and operate technology and cloud solutions. Services aimed to enhance, evolve and support end users in the adoption and use of business and technology solutions in the modern workplace. Services aimed to ensure the optimal coverage of Clients' business needs through technology. Services aimed to design, develop, implement and maintain omnichannel (including mobile) applications for connected devices. Services aimed to design software applications and services focusing on the quality of user experience and interfaces.

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Evolving, enabling, extending your business through the Cloud.

Focus On

Digital Workplace

We transform the way we work, learn and collaborate through digital platforms, in total security, anywhere, anytime.

Case Study

Liquigas: a complete digital evolution

Implementing SAP on our Client's information systems, improving data intelligence and customer management.

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Cybersecurity protects and enables your organization as it embraces Digital Transformation.

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Robotic Process Automation

Process automation to enhance the human component of work 4.0.

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Discover our vision on Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality, promising technologies which unleash the potential of your business.

Case Study

Virtual Collaboration

A direct line for the exchange of information in real time between technicians and operational centers thanks to Mixed Reality.

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Enel: Virtual quality checks

Augmented reality and smartglasses bring the experts into plants all over the world.

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Outsourcing for Industry 4.0

We are digitally transforming systems and making processes more efficient for the IT fleet of one of Italy's largest multinationals.

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IoT energy measurement

Innovative tools and technologies for measuring energy efficiency make the end consumer more aware of their energy consumption.

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Electricity takes to the cloud

Our digital systems migrate to the cloud and optimize the Human Capital Management of one of the largest electricity operators in Europe.

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Blockchain and Energy

Blockchain at the service of ENEGAN, optimizing the use and exchange of energy.

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A Plan for Success

Optimizing the management of business resources and processes through the implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

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Digital Transformation

Engineering Digital Transformation Transforming the present to enable the future.

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Big Data and energy

Big data analytics at the service of Endesa (ENEL Group) for more precise measurements and compliancy to new legislation.

Discover the Ecosystem of Platforms and Solutions for Digital Transformation chosen by our Customers

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Augmented, Mixed & Virtual Reality

Revolutionizing business processes through AR - MR - VR.


Field Service Management​

Holistic management of field services.


Utilities Digital Platform

Our Utilities solution for Energy, Water and Gas, and Waste Management and Public Lighting).