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Toward the TLC of the Future

Toward the TLC of the Future

Engineering is main sponsor of the 5G Italy international conference

Rome, November 30 2022 - December 01 2022

Coming to its fifth edition is 5G Italy, the international conference promoted and organized by CNIT (National Interuniversity Consortium for Telecommunications), which through round tables and expert talks explores the many issues related to 5G and its many areas of application.

In particular, this fifth edition, titled "Towards the TLC of the Future" and scheduled in Rome from November 30 to December 1, will give ample space to research, development and implementation activities underway in Italy and around the world, and to projects related to our National Recovery and Resilience Plan, which has provided for the allocation of significant investments for the digitization of the country.

Engineering will be the main sponsor of the event and will tell how 5G is revolutionizing not only the Telco and Media worlds, but also all market sectors where new technologies are the strategic lever to create new digital ecosystems.

Three talks on the agenda:

  • 30/11 - 17:30 "5G Business: Case Studies and Success Stories" with Nello Luzi, Telco & Media Delivery Director
  • 01/12 - 09:30 "5G for the Digital Divide: Towards an All-Connected World?" one-to-one interview with Guido Porro, Executive Vice President Enterprise
  • 01/12 - 12:50 "Smart 5G Grid as a grid revolution through the connectivity of 5G and NetApps" with Giampaolo Fiorentino, Head of Smart Things, Telco & Circular Economy lab.

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