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Safety in public transport

Safety in public transport

PREVENT-PCP research project launches an Open Market Consultation.

Marseille, January 19 - 20 2022

Engineering, as coordinator of the H2020 PREVENT PCP project, is organizing a series of information webinars in January 2022 and an Open Market Consultation to be held on 19 and 20 January in Marseille.

The overall objective of the project is to improve the safety of public transport through the procurement of technological solutions. Specifically, the 13 Public Buyers within the PREVENT PCP project are launching a Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) with the purpose to purchase R&D services to develop technological solutions that ensure:

  1. Timely automatic detection of potentially dangerous unattended items in Public Transport Infrastructure and in public areas in the vicinity
  2. Identification and tracking of perpetrators
  3. Integration/interoperability of the technology in standard crisis management systems and Video management Systems (VMS).

To reach this goal PREVENT PCP has prepared and published a Prior Information Notice (PIN) for contracts in the field of defence and security services. The PIN announces the Open Market Consultation and provides information about the planned PCP ( 

The main objective of the Open Market Consultation is to receive feedback and input from the market / possible / interested suppliers for the contracts in order to check the project’s scope and foreseen outcomes and to align the call for the tender that will be published at a later stage with the market capacity and capability.

The event target audience is mainly technology players willing to develop such solutions to help public transport operators to better predict and prevent potential threats in public transport infrastructures, improving their security situation awareness.




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