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Engineering and EAV decorate Gianturco-Engineering station in Naples

Engineering and EAV decorate Gianturco-Engineering station in Naples

The mural, by Geometric Bang, is named "Women for sustainable development". Malala Yousafzai, Shamsia Hassani, Greta Thunberg and Liliana Segre: four symbolic figures are charging the train station with positive messages and energy and recall the contribution of female genius to sustainable social and environmental progress.

Naples, November 30 2021


Thanks to the use of AirLite paint, based on innovative air purificationtechnology, the mural will help to reduce pollution.

Engineering has teamed up with Ente Autonomo Volturno (EAV) to decorate Gianturco-Engineering station with 'Women for sustainable development', a mural created by the street artist Geometric Bang, famed for his work in Italy and overseas.

The piece, consistent with the principles that guide us at Engineering, focuses on the growing importance that inclusion and social and environmental sustainability have assumed in today's society through the depiction of four iconic women: Malala Yousafzai, the youngest ever winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and Pakistani education rights activist; Shamsia Hassani, the Afghan street artists committed to defending women's rights; Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teen activist committed to fighting climate change and Liliana Segre, the Italian senator who has always fought against racism, anti-Semitism, hatred and violence.

As Maximo Ibarra, CEO of Engineering explains, “We want to use this work to pay homages to the commitment of these incredible women, intergenerational models and sources of inspiration for people who believe in the importance of a more inclusive society that respects values such as the environment, respect and equality. These values form the basis of Engineering's idea of development and we believe that technology and online resources also serve to create a model of social and environmental sustainability. This is the future we want and can imagine. We have had a presence in Campania for many years, we strongly believe in the region's potential and the talent it offers and we are open to welcoming the many brilliant young people who share our belief that digital transformation is a chance to make our lives simpler, create better opportunities for people and apply solutions that respect the environment we live in".

Umberto De Gregorio, Board Chairman of EAV says “At EAV, environment and women are themes we have trying to develop in recent years. They are themes which are repeated on many murals painted in many stations. One project in particular was at the Ponticelli workshop, with 150 workers (including many newly hired female staff), where we carried out the largest environmental clean-up operation in Campania by removing asbestos from the roof and creating solar panels that make the building more than self-sufficient!"

The mural is a gift and a sign of Engineering and EAV's commitment to Naples, a city where it has had a presence for over 20 years and with more than 600 employees at its headquarters in the city, Engineering's bastion in Southern Italy, where the company has always believed in promoting online resources as a strategic asset for the region. A redevelopment work on an urban nerve centre such as a train station, promoting values of inclusivity, diversity and fighting discrimination.

Since social sustainability also includes environmental sustainability, the materials used are not only respectful to the environment, they actively help to improve it. The mural's background used AirLite paint, promoted by the Air is Art association (which focuses on the connection between sustainable art and cultural communities), which uses innovative technology to help purify the air. AirLite covers an approximate area of 100m2 and reduces air pollution as effectively as 100m2 of tall trees.


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