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Engineering  brings digital education to the Community of San Patrignano

Engineering brings digital education to the Community of San Patrignano

With more than 150 hours of lessons organized by its IT & Management Academy, Engineering offers over 100 young man and women from the Community of San Patrignano educational programs for the acquisition and improvement of digital skills.  

Rome, May 02 2022

Engineering, through its IT & Management Academy ''Enrico Della Valle'', as of the month of September will make available to over 100 young people from the Community of San Patrignano more than 150 hours of educational courses, focused on the acquisition and improvement of digital skills, to support their approach to the IT world professions and facilitate their access to the labour market.

Maximo Ibarra, CEO of Engineering, explains: "Engineering has always strongly believed that technological innovation must be inclusive, so that everyone can know and benefit from the opportunities of a digital transformation that is changing the world. Digital skills therefore become a powerful social driver and with these educational programs we intend to give the young men and women of San Patrignano the opportunity to consciously understand and use the great opportunities offered by digital tools, supporting them on their journey towards the world of labour".

The educational project, which was presented during the Sustainable Economy Forum organized by Confindustria and the community of San Patrignano, was developed by the teachers of the IT & Management Academy of Engineering. The lessons, organized in different modules and divided by level of computer skills, will range from the use and operation of PCs and smartphones to the use of the most popular digital tools, from the recognition and management methods of the dangers of surfing the Web to the new sharing platforms now essential for Smart Working.

Alessandro Rodino Dal Pozzo, President of San Patrignano, comments:

"Education has always been part of the stages of the recovery path in the Community so that the young men and women of San Patrignano receive all the tools necessary for their reintegration into society. Among these, orientation in the digital world represents an opportunity of fundamental relevance and it is a great opportunity for us to be supported by a partner like Engineering, a prestigious group that will approach and prepare our young guests to the digital world".

For over 20 years, the IT & Management Academy ''Enrico Della Valle'' has been a strategic asset of the Engineering Group. With over 200 teachers, who every year manage more than 25 thousand days of education, the Academy is a real university campus offering its professionals and young talents who have just joined the company and the customers of the group, important upskilling and reskilling paths, focused not only on the increase of technological skills, but also of economic and humanistic ones.


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