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Engineering joins the GAIA-X European Board with the election of Dario Avallone, R&D Director

Engineering joins the GAIA-X European Board with the election of Dario Avallone, R&D Director

A GAIA-X member from Day 1, Engineering has become one of three Italian companies with a member in the European Board, which is made up of 24 international members.

Rome, June 10 2021

Dario Avallone, R&D Director at Engineering has been elected to the GAIA-X European Board. The election is the result of the international credibility of Engineering, the work of Dario Avallone and the Research and Innovation Center of Engineering, which Dario has directed for 20 years. Dario Avallone is also Chairman of the Board of the FIWARE Foundation, an IDSA (International Data Spaces Association) Board member, and co-founder of a range of major initiatives such as BDVA, ECSO, EOS, EIT DIGITAL.

By joining the GAIA-X European Board, Engineering. one of the main players in the digital transformation of public and private companies and organisations, is furthering and strengthening its commitment and strategic role in the development of a Data Space Economy, which utilises digital solutions based on the principles of data sovereignty and the highest security and interoperability standards to create new business opportunities in all sectors and promote innovation and digital transformation.

"I believe that GAIA-X represents a fundamental step towards the sustainable implementation of digital solutions and data sovereignty for Europe," explained Dario Avallone, R&D Director at Engineering. "It will also play a vital role in bringing new business opportunities and competitiveness to European industry, providing transparent and efficient services to European citizens. I will therefore support the development of GAIA-X and mobilise all public and private organisations at the EU and Italian levels to accelerate its adoption, as well as facilitating collaboration with FIWARE, IDSA and other relevant organisations such as ECSO and the Italian public administration."

The election of Dario Avallone, together with the recent launch of the Italian GAIA-X Hub—coordinated by Confindustria with the support of Vittorio Colao, Minister for Technological Innovation and Digital Transition—represent an important signal that involves the whole Italian IT sector and a significant driving force to plan together a new phase of life of the GAIA-X project in Europe.

The GAIA-X European consortium, which 261 companies have joined to date, is working to create a data strategy that will allow Europe to exercise its data sovereignty without depending on third parties, creating a Cloud infrastructure and an ecosystem of data and applications in which Member States can exchange information and oversee the entire digital transformation process. Based on existing standards and open source technology, GAIA-X is an infrastructure of data and ecosystems created to enable services that are innovative, open, consistent, high quality, and easy to use. This mission puts interoperability at the heart of a new, totally European data economy, contributing to the economic growth of each country's system, improving their productivity and competitiveness.

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