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GAIA-X: for a new European data economy

Engineering is Day-1 Member and one of the 3 italian companies in the board of the European project for the creation of a data infrastructure, based on a new digital ecosystem that is open, transparent, secure and completely reliable.

Approach & Solution



Create a European data strategy enabling Europe to exercise its data sovereignty without any dependence on other parties. Build a Cloud infrastructure and a data and applications ecosystem which enables Member States to fully exercise data sovereignty managing the entire digital transformation process.
Promoted by France and Germany, with the participation of 22 major European entities, the aim of GAIA-X is to achieve these objectives. Based on existing standards and open source technology, it is, in fact, an infrastructure of data and ecosystems that aims to enable services that are innovative, open, consistent, of guaranteed quality and easy to use. A mission that places interoperability at the centre of a new, completely European data economy.
GAIA-X is thus in the vanguard of an economy based on interoperable and shared data and infrastructures and on the resulting development of European Data Spaces, contributing to the continent's economic growth, improving its productivity and competitiveness.


Already in 2018, Engineering was one of the earliest international associates of the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA), promoting its strategic and structural mission in Italy; it is also a Day-1 Member of the GAIA-X Foundation and one of three Italian companies with a member in the European Board, which is made up of 24 international members, and it has an active role in defining the governance of the project. It facilitates the participation of businesses and national players by promoting awareness and visibility activities. Provided with the same rights as the founding members, Engineering contributes to designing the architecture of GAIA-X and establishing the basic principles on which the whole infrastructure is based.

With its participation in this project, Engineering reaffirms its belief in the need to create a Data Space Economy, exploiting digital solutions based on the principles of data sovereignty and on the highest standards of security and interoperability. Gaia-X therefore represents an important instrument to create new business opportunities in every productive sector: from industrial to medical diagnostics, from finance to Public Administration, not forgetting the energy sector, mobility and agriculture.

Our thoughts

"I believe that GAIA-X represents a fundamental step towards the sustainable implementation of digital solutions and data sovereignty for Europe, It will also play a vital role in bringing new business opportunities and competitiveness to European industry, providing transparent and efficient services to European citizens. I will therefore support the development of GAIA-X and mobilise all public and private organisations at the EU and Italian levels to accelerate its adoption, as well as facilitating collaboration with FIWARE, IDSA and other relevant organisations such as ECSO and the Italian public administration."

Dario Avallone, R&D Director of Engineering

"Technological evolution comes swiftly, and it is important for policy-makers to be able to keep up with it and interpret it. In the case of GAIA-X, we’ve already witnessed, in terms of European policies, a growing focus to better understand its positioning and utilization, but now it is important for Member States to embrace the crucial importance of setting out common standards to improve the interoperability of data and solutions, by promoting the strengthening and widespread adoption of GAIA-X."

Orazio Viele, CTO Engineering Group & Chairman of Engineering D.HUB


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