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Engineering reduces the power consumption of its data center by 19%

Engineering reduces the power consumption of its data center by 19%

With this result it reaches an important target in the environmental field.

Rome, November 21 2023

The Engineering Group reduces the energy consumption of the Data Center in Pont-Saint-Martin, Valle d'Aosta by 19%. The result, certified by a third party (Deloitte) and documented in the 2023 Sustainability Report, improves the previous year’s figure of 13%.

The results obtained are the consequence of a series of Data Center energy efficiency measures supported by the Group from 2021. The most recent one has foreseen the subdivision of the thermodynamic flows inside the structure that, keeping hot and cold separated, facilitates the decrease of the temperatures in the server rooms and, therefore, of the cooling energy requirement.

The reduction of the energy consumption of the Data Center is added to other important targets achieved by Engineering in the environmental field. As illustrated in the Sustainability Report, the Group led by Maximo Ibarra has managed to ensure that 89% of electricity used in Italy comes from renewable sources, thus reducing their greenhouse gas emissions by 71%, calculated according to the market-based approach. In 2023, a project was also launched to develop a strategy and a decarbonisation plan for the Group’s companies at a global level, which includes the setting of emission reduction targets in line with the SBTi framework, Science-Based Target initiative, by 2024.

Engineering, a leader in the digitalization of business processes and PA, supports its partners in achieving business goals by reducing environmental impact through new technologies. But with these results, it also demonstrates its commitment to protecting the environment, making its processes and infrastructure increasingly sustainable.


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