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Engineering's 6th edition of Corporate Social Responsibility Report published

Engineering's 6th edition of Corporate Social Responsibility Report published

This new edition confirmed its serious commitment and involvement in bringing benefits to employees, customers, citizens, environment and territories.

Rome, December 05 2019

Innovation is not just the application of technology to the world around us. It has very important social implications, it must improve people's lives and contribute to creating shared well-being”. This has always been the vision of Engineering, one of the main global companies involved in Digital Transformation, which, as shown in the new edition of the Corporate Social Responsibility Report, once again confirmed its serious commitment and involvement in bringing benefits to employees, customers, citizens, environment and territories during 2018 as well.

Concetta Lattanzio, Corporate Communication and Social Responsibility Director of Engineering: “Understanding, interpreting and responding to these social, environmental and economic changes, integrating sustainability and business to improve competitiveness and create shared value through innovation. For Engineering it is a challenge within the challenge, an objective which must be pursued with the awareness that the future we pursue will be on a human scale only if achieved whilst following a responsible path of development”.


A challenge that Engineering takes up starting, of course, from within, identifying needs to be met and opportunities to be offered for what is in effect a community which now comprises more than 11,000 people, 10,730 in 2018. For the hundreds of new talents recruited, as well as for the constant update of the staff already in the Group, in 2018 Engineering again invested about 8 million euro in training, considering it a strategic priority asset. In 2018, the teaching activities carried out in the classrooms of the "Enrico della Valle" School of IT & Management (the Company's proprietary structure) were attended by approximately 5,150 employees for a total of 16,323 training days/person (approximately 12% more than in 2017). In addition to these, several shared distance learning initiatives were implemented, accessible through the Learning Management System ForENG information system (4,573 distance learning courses) and 1,610 hours of webinars were provided.

Constantly attentive towards defining corporate welfare policies, Engineering has introduced new flexible forms of work such as telework and agile work.
The latter, in particular, after an initial experimental phase in the Milan, Rome and Genoa offices, has been made structural and extended to the entire Group. Moreover, this year, with the entrance in the new office in Rome, further new smart-working policies were defined that allow all employees to work remotely with all the tools necessary to access information and share documents with the same efficiency and speed which characterize work in the office.

The activities carried out in support of education are also important. For the year 2017/2018, once again Engineering established, through a special call for applications, 75 scholarships for the children of employees with a total investment of over 100,000 euro. The continuous attention that Engineering reserves for its employees means that staff loyalty is good and that the outgoing turnover during 2018 was below 10%.

Confirming the commitment that the Company has always placed in the management of its resources, with the conviction that the human and professional quality of people is fundamental for the growth of the Business, Engineering has been included in the Financial Times "Diversity Leaders Award 2020", thereby among the only 8 Italian companies included in the ranking out of 700 companies analyzed at European level. The Award, which increases the many obtained during the forty years of the Group's history, rewards Engineering for its actions and policies to raise awareness of diversity in the broadest sense, including of age, gender, ethnicity, disability and sexual orientation (LGBTQ).


We transform the world we live in
Engineering works alongside companies and Public Administration, with the precise aim of improving the world in which we live, work and which takes care of us.

Among the many projects developed to make an important contribution to the digital transformation process of society, we can point out Polis 2020: funded by the Puglia Region and implemented by Engineering in collaboration with Links Management and Technology Spa, the initiative puts businesses, associations and citizens at the center of territorial development. It is a sociotechnical platform which, by combining the concepts of e-government and Open Government, supports the establishment of a true digital community, creative and inclusive, in which to trial innovative technologies and methodologies enabling transparent, sustainable administrative and decision-making processes which are “open” towards citizens. Another project with a high social impact, developed at a European level, in collaboration with other companies, is WASTE4THINK created with the aim of improving waste management and reuse. In line with the principles of circular economy, in fact, it envisages the trial of 20 eco-innovative solutions able to cover the entire waste value chain in order to reduce waste production and increase economic savings. The agreed targets are very challenging, and include a 20% increase in separate collection, a 10% reduction in operating costs and a 10% reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the 4 European cities where it will be tested: Seveso (Italy), Zamudio (Spain), Halandri (Greece), Cascais (Portugal).

We transform the world we work in
Digital technologies also transform the industrial world and the way people work.
A concrete example of this new awareness is expressed with “TRAINING 4.0 - in the classroom with Mixed Reality”, for which Engineering has created virtual rooms where partners and resellers can carry out distance training sessions (wherever they are in the world) with 3D models and multimedia content, for a Made in Italy multinational specialized in home automation.

In addition, with SECURE DRIVE on behalf of an important Italian company it has developed a digital multi-platform for smart working, accessible from all devices, including mobile, which ensures business continuity, safeguarding data and significantly reducing business costs. As the world "on the move" is more vulnerable, Engineering is also focusing on offering increasingly user-friendly tools with an even higher level of security.

We transform the world that takes care of us
A virtuous example of Engineering's commitment to supporting a Healthcare Service alongside the citizen is the medically assisted procreation project developed for the Tuscany Region, which aims to help couples throughout the territory, without forcing them to travel far and unnecessarily. Engineering has created a single technological platform for the shared management of data between the Health Authorities of the Region with the aim not only of tracing the MAP (Medically Assisted Procreation) routes but above all of giving peripheral centers the opportunity to provide the same services as the reference structure.

Still on the healthcare front, where Engineering accompanies companies and authorities in developing e-health solutions, there is the particularly important project CURAVESTA, an innovative "mobile health" service for patients in home care. This is a public healthcare service supported by mobile devices such as smartphones and other wireless devices, which allow patient monitoring and personalized digital care. Developed by Engineering ITS, the CuraVesta app allows offering daily home care activities, both psychological and physical, the ability to get in touch at any time with family members, friends and, in an emergency, doctors and nurses, with direct access to paid care services.


Consistent with the Company's presence throughout the country, its commitment also entails support and attention towards numerous initiatives (also aimed at young people), carried out locally and that can contribute to improving the daily lives of citizens.

In this perspective, through a desire to help society to be increasingly participatory, open and inclusive, Engineering supports experiences and projects capable of creating cultural, social, political and economic connections. Together with the MIUR (Ministry of education, university, and research), it supported “Program the Future” dedicated to training young people through the introduction of computational thinking in schools. Engineering has also renewed its support for the Cresci e post@ (Grow up and post@) initiative: growing up without getting caught in the net, to explain to boys and girls how to use social media whilst defending their privacy and protecting themselves from cyberbullying. From the basketball court to the volleyball ones, it has worked alongside the Roma Volley Group, the first Italian "de-bullied" company, in winning the most important game: the fight against bullying. Together with MOIGE - Movimento Italiano Genitori (Italian Parents Movement), which for 20 years has devoted itself to the protection of young people and families, it launched the crowdfunding campaign #MURIAMOILBULLISMO to raise awareness and inform the younger generations and their families against a phenomenon which is unfortunately increasingly widespread.

Engineering is also in the field with the Diavoli Rossi team of the Rugby Association of Varese which, made up of athletes of different nationalities living in Italy as asylum seekers, focuses on inclusion. The company also ran with “Donne in rosa (Women in Pink)” during the “Race for the cure” to raise funds for the fight against breast cancer.


Engineering's commitment to reducing the impact of its activities on the environment continues.
The new Rome office, which houses about 20% of the Group's employees, has received the LEED certification, awarded to buildings with excellent performance in terms of energy and water saving, reduction of CO2 emissions and improvement of the ecological quality of the interiors. In addition, during 2018, investments were made in the technological renewal of machinery and the disposal of hardware which will generate a significant reduction in electricity consumption in the coming years. Overall, total energy consumption decreased by 6% compared with 2017 and, thanks to the company's staff travel policy, which focuses on limiting fuel consumption, the quantity of CO2 emitted per kilometer fell from 145.1 g in 2017 to 126 g in 2018.

Engineering's 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report, available at has been prepared in compliance with the principles and methodology of the Global Reporting Initiative.

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