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Augmented City

We increase the city’s ability to serve its citizens, protect the environment, boost the local economy. And put people first.


From Smart City to Augmented City: Public-Private Synergy for Citizen-Centric Services

An increasing number of people worldwide live and work in cities. Consequently, the way we all use the time and the space available, the environment and the resources at our disposal determines the quality of our life and forms the basis for the sustainability of our existence in the medium and long term.
Public Administrations are called upon to play an active role in this process: they can and must be a protagonist of Italy’s digital revolution.
As accelerators of change we transform individual initiatives into opportunities aimed at improving the quality of life in urban centres, facilitating savings for the Public Body and simplifying the relationship between the Public Administration and citizens, leveraging the five fundamental pillars of a single technological ecosystem: Sustainability, Security, Mobility, Welfare and Interactivity.

What does it mean to transition from the concept of Smart City to Augmented City? How can we transform the city into an Augmented City?
Smart City

Our impact on the world

Cities are already investing in digital innovation, ensuring greater safety, improving waste management and mobility, restoring social and tax equity, ensuring energy efficiency, and enhancing cultural sites while revitalizing tourism.

Watch the infographic, listen to the podcast and discover the toolbox with our platforms, case studies and research projects.
Smart City

Data Driven Governance: understand to decide

Those who administer the cities need to know in order to decide. In other words, to exercise an information-based governance: the so-called data-driven governance. To this end, the Engineering group has launched a platform, or rather a true ecosystem: the Digital Enabler. This ecosystem allows us to aggregate heterogeneous data collected from the city, to normalise this data, to assess its quality and to make the data available for the development of new services for citizens.

Where will the new generations choose to live -the millennials and those who will come after them, of every social class, origin and culture? And consequently, where will investors choose to establish their economic activities?
Urban Planning

50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders

Climate change is the defining issue of our time – and we are at a defining moment. We know what is happening to our planet, we know what we need to do, and we have the tools to make our actions effective.

Engineering is proud to join the 50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders project: it is the response from the International Business Community which demonstrates the desire, the leadership, and the will to take effective action in the fight against Climate Change.

We think that technology is not the way to solve the problem but smart services are. In fact, we advise city administrators to create new smart services or improve existing ones (eg mobility, waste management) with new digital technologies, in a sustainable and transparent way.

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