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Smart Agriculture

We digitalize the entire agricultural supply chain, from the field to production, up to management of national and international funds.

Digital Innovation and smart farming

Smart Agriculture, Agriculture 4.0: the Digital Transformation of the agricultural sector

Food, land, water, the environment, population growth represent challenges to which institutions and governments are required to respond. In the past, the set of measures and tools to support agriculture were not sufficient due to strong climatic variability and an inflated market, but today new technologies can help with sustainable solutions.

Smart Agriculture, Agriculture 4.0 and Digital Transformation enhance human action in agriculture and helps to reduce the amount of work, to carry out targeted interventions, to calibrate the use of chemicals on land and products, as well as guaranteeing and increasing the harvest. It also helps to manage all the processes enabling or supporting agricultural production, including the economic-administrative ones.
Precision Farming with iot devices

From the Internet of Things to AI: Agritech solutions for efficient and productive precision farming

The introduction and integration of technological processes (agritech) and the precision farming will lead us not only to greater production and qualitative efficiency, and therefore to a reduction in costs, but also to a minimization of environmental impacts and new job opportunities for specialized personnel. The union of productivity and sustainability will be fostered through an integrated ecosystem of technologies and solutions to allow farms to monitor and control their processes, guaranteeing quality and efficiency.

In this context, solutions will be increasingly required that are able to exploit the power of data to monitor and optimize production processes, exploiting technologies such as the Internet of Things, AI & Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, Blockchain, GIS and Remote Sensing.
Smart City

How the digital revolution is empowering Climate Action

The use of digital platforms allows us to reduce water losses, big data analysis enables monitoring the evolution of natural phenomena, there are many benefits of high-energy-efficient buildings, more sustainable public transportation, and ever-smarter agriculture.

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