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Smart Transportation

We ensure seamless, secure, sustainable and data-driven mobility services for people, goods, assets and infrastructures.

Smart Transportation and Sustainable Mobility

Transport and Logistics: The challenges of the sector between innovation, safety and sustainability

Speaking of Smart Transportation means rethinking the way people and goods move, while also the infrastructure that enables their movement in the light of the new paradigms dictated by intelligent mobility and in line with changing consumer needs.

The new technologies offer the user an increasingly profiled travel experience that can be managed from any device, with the option of planning routes to find the one that is most suitable for their geographical location, time needs, and budget. AI, IoT, and Cloud, as well as Blockchain and Cybersecurity thus make it possible to create a secure, assisted and personalised customer journey.

Discover in our White Paper how we at Engineering have technology, professionalism, expertise with high-performing processes in terms of reliability and functionality, which enable an increase in the overall efficiency of transport and logistics processes, whether they are linked to people or to goods.
Smart Transportation

Our impact on the world

The good health of infrastructures (roads, railways, nodal points), the safety of bridges, viaducts, tunnels, and metropolitan galleries, the management of highly crowded areas, smart road and smart mobility in general, are just some of the challenges that the transport and mobility sector faces every day. In this complex scenario, digitalization is a fundamental pillar, capable of supporting the entire supply chain.

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Smart Mobility

A view on the future of Smart Transportation

The full deployment of a new, sustainable form of mobility is one of the cornerstones of government action at global level, but one of the challenges of the immediate future will be to deal with the ongoing pandemic, which has led to a dramatic reduction in demand for transport over the past two years.

At the same time, there is no doubt that the transport and infrastructure sector is undergoing a radical transformation, and some of these changes will dramatically alter our habits and experiences in terms of travelling, whether short-distance or long-distance, in both public and private spheres.

What is the future of Smart Transportation? How new technology can evolve transports and infrastractures?
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Smart Mobility Ecosystem: a Digital Ecosystem for sustainable citizen-friendly mobility

Thanks to our cross-market experience and our in-depth knowledge of both traditional and enabling technologies, we at Engineering are able to support the creation of digital ecosystems that can create new connections, even between very distant stakeholders.

Applied to the world of mobility, these ecosystems are built around three main stakeholders: the people who need to move, the vehicles they use to move, and the infrastructure that enables this movement.

The Smart Mobility Ecosystem is ready to facilitate the long-awaited change from private mobility (a personal car) to a "mobility as a service" platform that is integrated and has the traveller at its centre, taking advantage of all available options and with predictive maintenance that takes care of both vehicles and infrastructures.

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