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Betting on intellect. On the human intellect capable of transforming and improving the world, but also of respecting its delicate balances and preserving its natural resources, which are becoming increasingly scarce. “Using our heads” is the phrase in which the Vision and Mission of Engineering converge and which affirms its approach to Sustainability. We need to “use our heads”, to look far into the future to decide to bet on talent, and thereby provide sense and value to the daily commitment to customers and society. Engineering has chosen to bet on intellect to design a better, sustainable future, with the awareness that this is the path to be taken for growth and development.

Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2018

Introduction by Renato Soru

One cannot help but be proud about being part of the exemplary history of this company: from its first steps taken at the dawn of Italian computing to its first major challenge in establishing the Computerized Register of Companies for the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture. A long journey, in which the company never looked back; on the contrary, it has consistently looked towards the future, to anticipate technological innovation and market needs.
To this very day, this is a company that competes on an even footing with those large companies from across the Atlantic, but it does so with its own unique identity and spirit. With over ten thousand professionals, who are located in various countries, it is the largest Italian IT consulting and services company for the digital transformation of companies and public administrations.
There is a clear awareness that the origins and the destiny as good farmers can be transformed; that new languages can be appropriated and new organizational and production models can be imagined, by creating large technology companies and contributing to the country’s competitiveness. In the same way it is clear the spirit of those same farmers who dug drains, reclaimed lands and planted seed in areas that were considered unusable.
Did the company go on this long journey to create value for shareholders or for the communities in which it was established and developed?
I believe it was because of the dream of being able to witness the birth, development and success of a large industrial project.
To demonstrate that it can be done even when starting from the most unthinkable areas. Simply for the pride that comes from doing it, of doing one’s best.
Everything else came naturally.
Having created value, a great deal of value at that, for its shareholders, it ended up attracting the attention of large institutional investors, which guarantee the company further growth in the future. All the while maintaining the Olivetti spirit that shaped the education and training of many members of the company, and the innate mission to assume responsibility towards its partners, clients and communities.
Value for shareholders and for the entire community of stakeholders, which is not in conflict with, but a natural consequence of a company that is run with passion, foresight and ethics.
This year’s Corporate Social Responsibility Report speaks volumes about the soul of this company. The awareness that nowadays we are all called upon not only to maximize efficiency and profit within companies, but above all to attune ourselves with a world that faces significant changes and challenges in which the survival of our communities seems to be at stake. In this sense, the practice adopted by Engineering which requires all suppliers to provide documentation on internal working conditions and health and safety policies, thus not limiting itself to what happens between its own “domestic walls”, means it demands transparency and correspondence to its own ethical values along the entire supply chain, which means it is working to help change the world by starting with itself.
What emerges from reading this Report is the company’s commitment to enhancing internal skills, with activities aimed at supporting the job satisfaction of its employees on the one hand, and the balance between professional and private life on the other.
A clear answer to the increasingly widespread need to envisage a continuous exchange between work life and private life, an exchange that should be aimed towards adding to both, rather than taking away from either area.
In this respect, many of the amenities designed for its employees, such as online language courses, are also accessible to family members. Moreover, there are many opportunities for entertainment and socializing designed for the children of its employees. These are important signs of the “care” that a company must take of the well-being of its workers, who are, first and foremost, people and as such, have their own past, present, relationships and loved ones. Engineering’s large and constant investment in the training not only of its own personnel, but also of children and young people certainly deserves special mention. For the youth of today, it has developed various tools and courses, such as its collaboration with schools to teach computer literacy or courses for young people who have not yet embarked on a career path. This is a true public investment, subsidiary to the responsibility of the State, particularly when one considers the fact that in Italy today there is not only a very high level of youth unemployment, but also the worrying statistic that one in three job offers remain unfilled due to a lack of candidates with the appropriate skills.
Finally, among the many solutions developed by Engineering both in Italy and internationally, I would like to highlight “Waste4Think”: a project developed on the European level with other companies aimed at improving waste management and reuse.
A positive example of the new paradigm of a circular economy, which the EU is now aiming towards and which Pope Francis himself has strongly encouraged us to adopt.
Therefore, it seems to me that Engineering represents a fine example of a company whose objective is not only to generate profits, but also to contribute towards the collective good. Ultimately, it is a company that wishes to create a future that includes the best definition of the concept of progress and that is gradually shifting its horizon towards greater equity and greater respect for the overall balance of our human and environmental ecosystem.


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Corporate Social Responsibility Report: 2018
Archive: 2013 - 2014 - 2015 - 2016 - 2017

The most important challenge is to build a modern and digital society

This Report describes some of our most significant projects, which highlight the impact the company is having within its core areas, as well as numerous initiatives that show how Engineering is playing a leading role in the modernization of Italy.


The most important event against the breast cancer

The Engineering's Team at the Race for the Cure in Brescia.

Brescia, September 29 2019


20 years in Italy with Race for the Cure

The Engineering's Team at the Bologna edition.

Bologna, September 22 2019


From Power to Gas

In Bari the workshop about the project STORE&GO and the Troia plant.

Bari, May 20 - 22 2019


Race for the Cure

The Engineering's Team at the Rome edition.

Roma, May 16 - 19 2019



Engineering at the event that spreads the STEM culture.

Milano, May 06 - 08 2019


RoboCup 2019

Three classes of the Aosta Valley in the international robotics competition.

San Giovanni Valdarno (FI), April 10 - 13 2019


PYHTIA, technological forecasts for Defense

In Warsaw the fourth workshop of the project coordinated by Engineering.

Warsaw, April 03 2019


The future of energy

In Rome the final meeting of the project born to elaborate a shared vision of the new perspectives of the energy sector.

Rome, March 29 2019


EUCISE 2020 final conference

The project involves about 60 European maritime authorities from 16 States.

Bruxelles, March 27 2019

Genoa, 23 May 2019

The Global FIWARE Summit 2019, held for the first time in Italy, ended with success in Genoa

The FIWARE open source platform, the result of European IT ecosystem collaboration, is increasingly becoming a global benchmark: entry of Indian Trigyn Technologies Ltd as a new Platinum Member of the Foundation announced.


Genoa, 27 March 2019

Open Innovation City Hackathon for Genoa, world capital of open source software

4ALL and 4SCHOOL, the two competitions that will accompany arrival of the Global FIWARE Summit 2019


Genoa, 27 March 2019

Genoa, world capital of open source software

The city will host the Global FIWARE Summit 2019 on May 21-22.


Berlin, 20 November 2018

FIWARE Foundation and Engineering at the Smart Country Convention

Together to Present Practical Examples for Smart Cities from European Lighthouse Cities


Rome, 23 October 2018

5th Edition of Social Responsibility Report Published

This edition tells the story of an industrial group able to combine the goal of profit generation with social responsibility expressed through ethical behavior that respects all stakeholders.


Brussels - Rome, 15 October 2018

DMCoach is here: the personal coach for managing Type 2 diabetes on a smartphone

Available now in Italy, the first country in Europe, DMCoach is a smartphone app designed to offer patients and the health system a reliable, efficient and always at-hand tool for better managing Type 2 diabetes.


Ioannina (Greece), 26 June 2018

TAXINOMISIS Project: A multidisciplinary approach for the stratification of patients with carotid artery disease

TAXINOMISIS aims to develop a new concept for carotid artery disease stratification by analysing the pathobiology of symptomatic plaques, identifying disease mechanisms, and developing a multiscale risk stratification model.


Rome, 22 May 2018

Engineering received the Best Managed Companies Award

At its first Italian edition, the Deloitte Best Managed Companies Award, intended for companies with excellent organizational skills, strategy, commitment to people and performance, also goes to Engineering Ingegneria Informatica.


Pont-Saint-Martin, 20 April 2018

Conference "Innovation and research for environmental risk management"

The “Innovation and research for environmental risk management” conference is an initiative of the Project Management Institute – Northern Italy Chapter (PMI-NIC) and Engineering D.HUB, in response to the absolute need for research projects and application of technologies to avoid further victims.


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