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Betting on intellect. On the human intellect capable of transforming and improving the world, but also of respecting its delicate balances and preserving its natural resources, which are becoming increasingly scarce. “Using our heads” is the phrase in which the Vision and Mission of Engineering converge and which affirms its approach to Sustainability. We need to “use our heads”, to look far into the future to decide to bet on talent, and thereby provide sense and value to the daily commitment to customers and society. Engineering has chosen to bet on intellect to design a better, sustainable future, with the awareness that this is the path to be taken for growth and development.

Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2018

Introduction by Renato Soru

One cannot help but be proud about being part of this exemplary story of one business: from its initial steps taken at the dawn of Italian IT, with the first great challenge of the Electronic Registry of Companies at the Chamber of Commerce. A long journey, one taken without ever looking back, only focusing our gaze on the horizon to anticipate technological innovation and market needs.
Until today, a company that competes on par with the tech giants from across the Atlantic, but with its very own individual identity and spirit.
More than ten thousand professionals, present across multiple countries, the largest Italian IT consulting and services company dedicated to the digital transformation of businesses and public administration.
The awareness that the origins and destiny of hardworking peasants can be transformed, and that new languages can be adopted and new organizational and production models imagined, has created technological powerhouses and contributed to this country’s competitiveness.
The spirit of those who dug the canals, reclaimed and planted apparently unusable lands, remains.
A long journey, one aimed to create value for shareholders or for the communities in which it was born and developed?
I believe that it was all for the dream of seeing a great industrial project grow and come to fruition.
All to show that success can come from even the most unlikely of origins. For the pride of doing it, to give our absolute best.
All the rest came naturally.
Creating value, and so much, for shareholders, and finally managing to attract the attention of large institutional investors, guaranteeing its further future growth. Always firmly maintaining the innovative spirit of the great Italian technology entrepreneur Olivetti, and the innate drive to take responsibility for our employees, customers and the community.
Value for shareholders and for the entire community of stakeholders, never conflicting, but rather the natural consequence of a company that has been ushered into the new era with passion, a vision of the future and ethics.
This year’s Corporate Social Responsibility Report tells the story of the soul of this company. A recognition that we are now called upon not only to maximize business efficiency and profit, but more importantly to work in harmony with a world that is facing great  transformations and challenges, a world in which the very survival of our society seems to be at stake.
In this sense, the fact that Engineering asks all suppliers for documentation on internal occupational health and safety conditions, not limiting itself to what happens inside its own four walls, means requiring transparency and alignment with its ethical values throughout the supply chain, working to contribute towards changing the world beginning at home.
The commitment to enhancing internal skills is evident on the pages of this Report, which describe the actions taken to help meet employees’ professional goals as well as to ensure balance with their private lives.
A clear response to the increasingly widespread need to reconcile work and private life, in an exchange in which something is added to, instead of taken away from, both areas.
In this sense, many of the facilitations designed for employees, such as online language courses, are accessible to family members as well. There are also many occasions for fun and socializing organized for the children of employees. These are important signs that the company takes care of the well-being of its workers, who are first and foremost people, and as such experience life, the present, have connections and feelings.
Engineering’s sizable, continuous investment in training, not only for its personnel but also for young and very young people for whom it has developed a variety of programs, such as partnerships with schools to teach computer literacy or courses for young people who have not yet embarked upon a career, is also without a doubt worth a particular mention. A veritable public investment, supplementing the role of the Italian government in a country where - and it is worth pointing out - an extremely high level of youth unemployment is accompanied by a second statistic indicating that one job opening out of three remains unfilled due to a lack of candidates with suitable skills.
Lastly, amongst the many solutions developed by Engineering at both the Italian and international level, I would like to highlight “Waste4Think”: a European-level project developed with other businesses and meant to improve the management and reuse of waste. A positive example of the new paradigm of the circular economy which the EU is focusing on and which even Pope Francis himself endorses.
Indeed, to me it really seems that Engineering is a great example of a company that has set the very clear goal of generating profit while at the same time aiming to contribute to the collective good. A company which, ultimately, strives to shape the future in line with the best possible vision of progress, and which is gradually moving its horizon towards greater equity and greater respect for the overall balance of our human and environmental ecosystem.


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Corporate Social Responsibility Report: 2018
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The most important challenge is to build a modern and digital society

This Report describes some of our most significant projects, which highlight the impact the company is having within its core areas, as well as numerous initiatives that show how Engineering is playing a leading role in the modernization of Italy.


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Engineering awarded the Special Stakeholder Prize as part of the 6th Edition of the BBS (Social Responsibility Library)

The Company has been recognized for its focus on the long-term professional and personal growth of its employees through innovative benefit programs.


Roma, 05 December 2019

Engineering in the ranking of the Financial Times Diversity Leaders Award 2020

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Rome, 05 December 2019

Engineering's 6th edition of Corporate Social Responsibility Report published

This new edition confirmed its serious commitment and involvement in bringing benefits to employees, customers, citizens, environment and territories.


Genoa, 23 May 2019

The Global FIWARE Summit 2019, held for the first time in Italy, ended with success in Genoa

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Open Innovation City Hackathon for Genoa, world capital of open source software

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Genoa, world capital of open source software

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FIWARE Foundation and Engineering at the Smart Country Convention

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Rome, 23 October 2018

5th Edition of Social Responsibility Report Published

This edition tells the story of an industrial group able to combine the goal of profit generation with social responsibility expressed through ethical behavior that respects all stakeholders.


Brussels - Rome, 15 October 2018

DMCoach is here: the personal coach for managing Type 2 diabetes on a smartphone

Available now in Italy, the first country in Europe, DMCoach is a smartphone app designed to offer patients and the health system a reliable, efficient and always at-hand tool for better managing Type 2 diabetes.


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