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Projects and initiatives of Corporate Social Responsibility

Engineering's contribution to the sustainable development of Italy.


Program the future

In 2018, we supported "Program the Future", the MIUR project for the introduction of computational thinking in schools, and some of our colleagues have become coding teachers. In the last year, 80% of schools took part in the initiative, with 38 million hours of coding carried out (an average of 15 hours per student) and over 53,000 teachers and students enrolled on the platform.

Socially Made in Italy

The project involves the reuse of recycled materials and their transformation into fashion products by prisoners as part of a reintegration program. We took part in this project, promoted by the Alice cooperative, by sending PVC used during events, seminars and career days. These recycled materials were processed by prisoners at the Venice prison, who turned them into shopping bags, handbags and other eco-friendly items featuring the Engineering logo.

Gianturco station

We designed and financed a redevelopment project for the Gianturco station on the Circumvesuviana line, which is used by many of our colleagues in the Naples office. The interior of the building was renovated and equipped with surveillance systems. The exterior walls of the station were transformed into a work of art thanks to the "In futuro" murals by the street artist Geometric Bang, which depicts an image of Naples poised harmoniously between natural beauty and sustainable technology.

Eng4Future: Coding into schools

For the last four years, 30 volunteers from Engineering have devoted part of their time to collaborating with schools in different cities and spreading a culture of awareness of IT among children. During these events, our colleagues use programming tools and environments such as Scratch, AppInventor and M-BOT. These projects include the School-Work Alternation initiative carried out with the Orazio secondary school in Rome with the aim of increasing knowledge of mobile programming and robotics.

The Red Devils of Varese Rugby

Since the 2017 season, the Red Devils have been a part of the Varese Rugby Association. This team is made up of athletes from the Ivory Coast, Guinea, Albania, and Peru, who live in Italy as asylum seekers. We at Engineering are proud to be the official sponsor of the team, allowing us to reaffirm our dedication to organizations that help spread the important message of inclusion.
Jack Contemporary Arts TV

JACK Contemporary Arts TV

It is the first international web television channel dedicated to the contemporary arts and its key players, created by MAXXI in collaboration with us at Engineering. Managed directly by museums and institutions dedicated to the creative spirit of today’s artists, it is a continuously updated network that offers live streaming, videos with interviews and reports on all forms of artistic media and expression, contributions from art bloggers and spaces for users’ comments.

UNAR - National Anti-Racial Discrimination Office

Our technological solutions have also been applied in the non-profit and institutional sector, as in the case of the support provided to UNAR to monitor discriminatory activity. As an aid to the work carried out at the Contact Centre, which offers qualified listening services to those who report any type of discrimination, we have created a system for handling complaints, which also allows us to carry out research and compile reports on the most representative problems.

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