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Engineering's contribution to the sustainable development.


Engineering leading Sustainability 2023 together with top Italian companies

Engineering is sustainability leader 2023. Il Sole 24 Ore in collaboration with Statista, the leading independent market research institute, has produced a ranking of Italian companies that have distinguished themselves for their commitment to their employees, the environment and society. The research looked at more than 1,500 sustainability reports from companies operating in Italy, selecting only the best 200.

The study focused on the three macro areas of sustainability: environmental, social and corporate governance. This is an important recognition for our Group and a concrete step toward building an increasingly careful and conscious Corporate Social Responsibility.

Engineering adheres to the Foundation for Digital Sustainability

Digital Sustainability is the first Research Foundation in Italy which already includes numerous Italian universities and companies - Italian and international - leaders in their respective sectors of reference.

The Foundation is inspired by and recognizes itself in the Manifesto for Digital Sustainability , a vision on the role of technologies for a sustainable future, which defines the principles on the basis of which it proposes to guide technological development to contribute to satisfying the needs of the present generation without compromising the possibility of future generations to realize theirs.

"Today one of the most important challenges of the Digital Transition is to support and speed up the creation of a more equitable, green and inclusive social ecosystem. New technologies must not only generate efficiency but also enable the development of digital solutions aimed at achieving sustainability objectives. and the fight against climate change "stated our CEO Maximo Ibarra, at the time of signing, adding that" with this membership, Engineering strengthens its belief that the challenges of sustainability need to create virtuous synergies for create a new model of social design, able to bring, through the digital, a widespread well-being to all people ".

The space of life in the earth: from Brazil a show for ecology and inclusion

From the slums of Brazil to the Vatican, 24 boys from the favelas are the protagonists of the show "The Space of Life on Earth" with the aim of launching an ecological and social message in a tour that will touch Italy and France, and at the end of which a docufilm "Amazonia. The Space of Life on Earth" that will collect the most significant moments of this journey, with interviews with four young people from this project, which has Engineering Group among its main sponsors. On May 24, the show arrives at the Vatican, the Brazilian dance group Laudato Si' Amazonia - O Espaço da Vida na Terra participates in the general audience and then dances in the Colonnade area in St. Peter's Square.

The dance and capoeira show, was born from the meeting between dance master, choreographer and creator of the show, Rodrigo Baima and Antonietta Defrancesco, a Sister of Providence missionary in Brazil. She is the founder of CEFEC, the socio-educational center in the Marcos Moura neighborhood, an area of very high violence in northeastern Brazil. Antoinette bets on Rodrigo, supports him, motivates him and pushes him to realize his dream. After the untimely death of Sister Antoinette, taking the reins of the project is Sister Sandra who, thanks to her contact with filmmaker and activist, Lia Beltrami, makes the dream come true.

The Amazon is the lungs of the earth, and by participating in this project Engineering Group confirms its commitment to the environment, social inclusion, and combating climate change through art, culture, and exchange among peoples.

Our furnishings in support of the third sector

Chairs, desks, lockers, coat hangers, armchairs are the furnishings of our headquarters in Pisa, closed on June 30th 2022, which were donated to the parishes and Salesian oratories of Livorno, while another four trucks left for Turin, Novara and Gassino. Objects that, after having accompanied us in our business activities, come back to life, to furnish new spaces and give support to new projects.

In November 2022, our Assago office moved to Milan and also in this case, a large part of the interior fittings went to the benefit of third sector entities that needed it. The additional inventories were withdrawn by employees who requested them at the symbolic cost of one euro, saving still-functioning objects from the landfill.

Thus, after having assigned the furnishings of the Rome and Bologna offices to social projects, our Group confirms its commitment to local communities, the circular economy and sustainability models, which are more and more beacons in the performance of our activities.

Our fight against climate change: concrete and measurable goals

Engineering's increasing focus on environmental protection is demonstrated by the various certifications that highlight how its activities are increasingly aimed at combating climate change. This commitment contributed to the Group's inclusion in the list of Sustainability Leaders 2022, together with the largest Italian companies, in the survey conducted by Il Sole 24 Ore in collaboration with Statista.

Confirming its growing commitment to environmental policies are ISO 14001:2015 certification on environmental management and ISO 14064-1:2018 on greenhouse gas emission monitoring. Not only that, in 2022 the company has set the first two quantitative targets: one for carbon footprint reduction on energy efficiency in the offices and one on the implementation of ibreid and electric vehicles in the company car fleet.

Because for Engineering digital transformation and environmental sustainability are two complementary levers in the social and economic development of the country.

The Engineering Team at Milano Solidale: a team building initiative that combines sports, fun and solidarity

Engineering has decided to join the 2022 "Milano Solidale" tournament, a social engagement project that will see professionals and businessmen from 16 teams compete on a 7-a-side soccer field from May 30 to July 6.

Now in its 11th year, the tournament is organized by the CAF Association to raise funds for the project to take in and care for the 45 minors living in their residential communities.

The Association was founded in 1979 as the first center in Italy to take in minors who were victims of abuse and mistreatment, and since its founding it has taken in and cared for more than 1,000 minors, offering important support to many families.

Circular migration: the Y-Med project and a company internship for 5 Tunisian and Egyptian youths

With the entry into the company of the first three young people, the Y-Med project, which aims to offer young people from the Mediterranean from Egypt, Libya and Tunisia the opportunity to carry out an internship in Italian companies in Veneto and Lazio, in order to facilitate job placement in their respective countries of origin with a view to circular migration, comes into play.

Engineering, is among the 26 companies involved in Lazio and with the participation in this project strengthens its commitment to fostering innovation processes.

Training at a company abroad, learning on the job and acquiring soft skills represent a crucial moment of growth for young people at the beginning of their professional careers. The doors of our Rome office, will open, therefore, for five Tunisian and Egyptian boys and girls with degrees in STEM subjects who will be welcomed to the company for a six-month internship. Thanks to the IOM-sponsored program, the cross-cultural exchange will involve our technical teams, ensuring these young people a valuable path to professional growth.

Training and digital inclusion: the project of our Academy for the girls and boys of San Patrignano

More than 150 hours of courses aimed at training more than 100 girls and boys of the Community of San Patrignano. These are the numbers of the project that, starting from September, will see Engineering and the Community founded by Vincenzo Muccioli collaborate in computer and digital training.

The lessons will be taught by teachers of the IT & Management Academy of Engineering "Enrico Della Valle" and will focus on the acquisition and improvement of digital skills, to support the approach to the professions of the IT world and facilitate their entry into the labor market. The teaching, which will be organized into different modules and divided by level of IT skills, will range from the use and operation of PCs and smartphones to the use of the most popular digital tools, from the recognition and management of the dangers of surfing the Web to the new sharing platforms now central to working in Smart Working.

For Engineering Group, training means contributing to a fairer and more inclusive society. The realization of this project goes precisely in the direction of involving the students of San Patrignano so that they can learn about and benefit from the opportunities of a digital transformation that is changing the world.

Engineering among the most coveted companies where working for a good living

How are the welfare plans offered to employees? What is the balance of life between office and home? What is the atmosphere like inside companies?

An answer comes from Italy's Best Employers, the survey carried out by Corriere della Sera in collaboration with Statista, a digital platform that collects and processes economic data. The ranking has lined up 400 companies, including medium-sized companies and multinationals, and a piece of the public sector (hospitals, universities, research centers).

Statista questioned tens of thousands of workers on a voluntary basis with questions about their company or other companies active in the same sector. The result was a grade in the school report card which allowed the construction of a general ranking and other twenty defined by dividing these 400 realities by economic categories. Engineering has been included in the "Internet, IT and Telecommunications" section.

Listening and Personal Wellness Desk

Knowing how to listen is an art for a few. Being listened to is a need for many.
A new way of working such as smart working, in a particular period such as the pandemic one, can have a negative impact for some people.
For this reason the Company has tried to identify the best answer to this problem by activating the Help Desk for listening and for the well-being of the staff.

Characterizing itself as a safe and anonymous space, the counter allowed all employees to enjoy individual meetings with professional psychologists and psychotherapists also experienced in online communication and remote management.
Valuable support in times of difficulty, an opportunity to improve and discover new potential to be used inside and outside the office.

We joined the loop: corporate events to learn about and experience sustainability

The company's commitment to employee training on sustainability issues continues, increasingly becoming a business style for our Group.

Two days of sustainable team building, training orientation skills in the woods, gathering wild herbs, preparing a green aperitif, and above all, discussing sustainability issues in a fun and informal way. This is the experience lived by a group of Engineering employees organized by Faroo, the first innovative benefit startup that offers companies the opportunity to create a positive environmental and social impact.

Faroo calculated that during the two days, thanks to this initiative, 280 kg of CO2 were saved, 15 local products were enhanced, 11 local people were helped and 36,200 liters of water were saved.

Engineering strengthens its commitment to overcoming the gender gap and signs the Manifesto of Valore D

Engineering has signed the Manifesto of Valore D for female employment, the programmatic document which in nine points defines the concrete tools, in line with the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative, to enhance and include gender diversity within its organization.

With this signature, our Group strengthens its commitment alongside Valore D, the first business association in Italy that for over ten years has been committed to overcoming the gender gap and promoting an inclusive culture in organizations and in our country.

For some time our company has been strongly oriented towards guaranteeing an inclusive environment for all its employees, also promoting work-life balance initiatives as a driving force for equal opportunities. Adherence to Valore D and participation in the proposed activities, which will see the participation of the entire company population in courses and discussions between companies for real gender equality in the workplace, confirm our commitment to an inclusive working environment, but also towards an innovative company organization, which overcomes the prejudices linked to gender and provides women with tools and knowledge useful for their professional growth.

Programming the Future: digital inclusion and social responsibility

"Program the Future" wins the national award for digital in schools. A new important recognition for the project of the Ministry of Education and carried out by the Laboratorio Informatica e Scuola of CINI (National Interuniversity Consortium for Informatics) for the diffusion of digital culture in schools through the introduction of the basic concepts of computer science and computational thinking.

Engineering is among the founding partners of "Programma il futuro" which won the first edition of the National Award for Digital Competencies, promoted by the Department for Digital Transformation of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers with Repubblica Digitale and with the support of Formez PA, in the category "Digital in education for schools", obtaining a special mention for the project most voted by the public with 1,820 votes, among the 22 projects for the development of digital skills selected by the jury from 120 initial proposals.

"Program the Future," which was inspired by a successful experience launched in the U.S. in 2013, was created to stimulate students to create a digital project focused on three goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: health and well-being (Goal 3), quality education (Goal 4), and decent work and economic growth (Goal 8).

Ukraine refugee assistance humanitarian mission

Engineering supports the humanitarian mission of ROE-CIVIL PROTECTION in Ukraine.

The Emergency Operations Group, national mobile column of the Civil Protection E.T.S. (R.O.E. CIVIL PROTECTION as acronym), is an operational organization of the Italian Civil Protection Service that operates during natural and anthropogenic emergencies, both in Italy and abroad.

The mobile column made up of 8 means of transport with 125 operators, health and medical devices for first aid and basic needs (food, cots, blankets, clothing) provides for the setting up and management of a camp with 600 beds in the town of Przemysl (Poland). In the first week of activity, the approximately 17,000 refugees (including 4,400 children) arriving from Ukraine were offered hospitality and first aid, as well as the census through interviews to define their destinations via humanitarian corridors.

With the Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital

For this Christmas, Engineering has decided to allocate funds for gifts to support the "Hospitality and Teleservice" project of the Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital.

The project guarantees assistance to the families of children hospitalized in long-term care (in 2020 the reception of 231 families was guaranteed for a total of 10,353 nights) and to children living in developing countries, affected by conflicts or severely disadvantaged.

In Cambodia, China, South Korea, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Jordan, Haiti, India, Central African Republic, Russia, Syria and Tanzania, the Foundation also offers training courses in 20 different pediatric specialties and highly specialized health services. Activities that in addition to treating children, provide independence in the care and assistance of the doctors and health professionals involved.

In 2020, the design of a multilingual platform dedicated in the technological structure and contents to developing countries and focused on all areas of pediatrics began.

The Garden of Wonders of the Venice Prison

Working outside, with projects built on the needs of prisoners and inmates, as in Venice, is a lifeline and offers a second chance to men and women who must undergo an essential path of re-education in order to rebuild a new life. In recent years, we have supported several work reintegration projects that began within the walls of the prison in Venice and continue outside, in the belief that the real possibility of social reintegration must be an integral part of the re-education process.

Our collaboration with the social cooperative Rio Terà dei Pensieri started from the desire to combine the circular economy and social commitment with the recovery and transformation of our PVC advertising materials into bags and other objects. Our support was then extended to the purchase of ecological soaps produced in the cosmetics laboratory that will be used in the company's offices, and finally to the Garden of Wonders, a wonderful project that was immediately deemed worthy of attention and genuine help.

Engineering and EAV decorate Gianturco-Engineering station in Naples

The mural "Women for sustainable development" is by the street artist Geometric Bang.

Malala Yousafzai, Shamsia Hassani, Greta Thunberg and Liliana Segre: four symbolic figures are charging the train station with positive messages and energy and recall the contribution of female genius to sustainable social and environmental progress.

Thanks to the use of AirLite paint, based on innovative air purificationtechnology , the mural will help to reduce pollution.


Socially Made in Italy

The project involves the reuse of recycled materials and their transformation into fashion products by prisoners as part of a reintegration program. We took part in this project, promoted by the Alice cooperative, by sending PVC used during events, seminars and career days. These recycled materials were processed by prisoners at the Venice prison, who turned them into shopping bags, handbags and other eco-friendly items featuring the Engineering logo.

Engineering joins the UN Global Compact

Engineering joins the United Nations Global Compact, an initiative designed to encourage companies all over the world to adopt sustainable policies to respect corporate social responsibility and to publicise the results of the actions undertaken.

Through a "letter of commitment" to the Global Compact, sent to UN Secretary General António Guterres, the Group has formally pledged its adherence to the Ten Universal Principles relating to human rights, labour, the environment, and the fight against corruption, to promote the values of sustainability in the long term through political activities, corporate practices, as well as social and civic behaviour.

With this adhesion, our company is taking another important step towards the consolidation of its social responsibility, reaffirming its commitment to integrating the values of sustainability into its business.

Engineering for the Cure

After the stop imposed by the pandemic, the Race for the Cure returns to the Circus Maximus in Rome and once again Engineering has chosen to be there with its slogan: #EngineeringPinkEveryDay.

The event which took place from October 7 to 10 saw the participation of about 300 colleagues and their families who took part in the walk around the Imperial Forums to support the fight against breast cancer. All colleagues and company accounts have shared their participation again, coloring the boards of our social networks pink.

The event offers women who have had to face or are facing the disease, a space to tell and share their experiences in a festive environment, but also for reflection. For years, our Group has supported the initiative of Susan G. Komen Italia, the organization based on voluntary work and at the forefront in the fight against breast cancer, founded in 2000 in Rome as the first European affiliate of Susan G. Komen of Dallas.

Engineering: CDP assessment for climate change

Increasingly concerned with issues of sustainability and combating climate change, Engineering has joined the environmental sustainability assessment of CDP, a non-profit organisation with the most important reporting system for the assessment – at a global level – of the transparency of companies, investors, states and cities in the dissemination of information on climate change.

CDP's extensive questionnaire focuses on how organisations manage factors of crucial importance for climate change: from energy policies to control and reduce emissions, to the management of risks and opportunities, as well as the setting of targets and reporting of environmental impact metrics. CDP's questionnaire is thus also a tool that companies can use to devise their own climate strategy.

With our commitment to the CDP assessment, our recent membership of the UN Global Compact initiative, our business activities supporting digital sustainability, carbon footprint reporting, plus initiatives to protect the environment and promote reforestation, we at Engineering continue to participate with our stakeholders in the growing network of companies and other players involved in the sustainability challenge. It is our firm belief that only by acting together can we reverse the trend and decisively pursue the sustainability objectives of the 2030 Agenda.

The furnishings of our Academy at the "Biblioteca 23 Maggio", a confiscated good now a common good

The disused chairs from our Academy today furnish the headquarters of the “Biblioteca 23 Maggio”, in the Casalotto district of Rome. The structure is a property confiscated from the Casamonica clan that the Lazio Region has returned to the citizens.

Thanks to the collaboration with the association "The Smile of Mok Italia", we have contributed to the growth of a space that has become a place of study and meeting for many young people in a neighborhood heavily contaminated by the presence of the clan.

Today a common good, the headquarters is a place of redemption for an entire community to which Engineering is proud to make its own contribution also through its circular economy projects.

Engineering is a partner of Operazione Risorgimento Digitale

The project was launched by TIM at the end of 2019 to encourage the spread of digital skills among citizens, businesses and public administrations against the digital divide.

After the Master Classes, a new initiative that provides entrepreneurs and managers with training contents to improve digital skills and increase the competitiveness of the business.

On the portal dedicated to the world of medium and small businesses, a new space has been created dedicated to in-depth information on the digital transition, available to professionals, business owners, managers and employees who want to acquire or enhance digital skills, developing models professional and increasingly innovative learning. New topics will be proposed every week and the managers of Engineering will once again be protagonists of this training challenge after having contributed in previous initiatives with insights on: Augmented & Virtual Reality, e-Commerce and Cybersecurity.

Inclusion, participation and circular economy: the BBS “Social Commitment” Award to Engineering

Engineering received the BBS - Biblioteca Bilancio Sociale Special Award for "Social Commitment" for "attention to the community as a cultural and social growth of our country, where science, social culture, art and universities are combined with inclusion, participation and circular economy" .

A recognition that confirms the value of Engineering in its choice to concretely contribute to the cultural and social growth of the country through its core business focused on digitization and innovation, but also through an approach of strong corporate responsibility that favors inclusion, participation and sustainability.

BBS - Social Report Library, is the collection point that enhances and makes it possible to consult the social, environmental and sustainability reports at national level. Each year it selects and enhances the contents of the sustainability reports published by Italian companies.

Engineering in 2018 received a mention in the social field and in 2019 the Special Stakeholder Award.

Engineering in the Open-es Community to support sustainability in industrial supply chains

Engineering has always been committed to supporting Digital Transformation that is strongly linked to the values of environmental, social and economic sustainability. The company is now joining the Open-es Community, the new digital platform dedicated to sustainability in industrial supply chains, the result of the partnership between Eni, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Google Cloud.
In joining, Engineering wishes to continue playing a leading role in the growth of an industrial ecosystem based on sustainability, to support an energy transition and economic growth that respect the needs of our planet as well as its citizens and communities.
The aim of Open-es, which has already been joined by more than 1,600 companies in nearly 40 countries, is to create an inclusive and collaborative community of companies that are ready to embark upon a journey of sustainable growth and development, aiming for widespread awareness throughout the value chain.
Using an ESG data model, based on the core metrics defined in the WEF Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics initiative, Open-es will allow all participating companies to measure themselves, with a simple and flexible approach, on a path of growth and development in terms of sustainability, aiming for widespread awareness throughout the value chain.

The excellence of our green Data Centers

We implement a responsible management of the environmental impacts of our Data Centers, true excellence in environmental sustainability.

The Pont-Saint-Martin DC, a cutting-edge example, has been equipped since 2011 with a geothermal system to support the cooling systems. A project is underway to increase geothermal capacity which will eliminate the activity of refrigeration units, with a significant saving in electricity consumption. In addition, part of the heat contained in the water in the return circuit will be recovered to heat the offices. In 2020, the DC confirmed a PUE of 1.52.

Excellent environmental performance also for the Vicenza DC. TIER IV certified since 2017, it is completely redundant in terms of electrical, cooling and network circuits, with a high level of energy efficiency thanks to free cooling and structural solutions. It is planning to implement new air-water refrigeration units for a further reduction in water consumption compared to current water-water systems.

Agreements stipulated with electricity suppliers guarantee a 100% green supply for all the Group's DCs.

Carbon Footprint: we measure to improve

Since 2019 Engineering has been calculating its Carbon Footprint, in line with the GHG Protocol. Environmental indicator of the impact of an organization on climate change in terms of direct and indirect CO2 emissions, the Carbon Footprint allows you to identify the activities with the greatest impact.

Direct emissions of Scope 1 derive from stationary combustion emissions of natural gas for office heating and diesel for emergency generators in Data Centers, and from mobile combustion generated by the car fleet.
Scope 2 emissions derive from the consumption of electricity in the Group's offices and in the 4 Data Centers.
Scope 3 emissions arise from business trips (by plane and train) and commuting from home to work.

In 2020, the total emissions of Engineering in the Italy Group recorded a reduction of 65% compared to 2019, a figure mainly attributable to the massive use of smart-working in the pandemic period, which contributed to reducing employee commuting and consumption. energy of the offices, the circulation of the company car fleet and the amount of business trips.

Earth Day 2021: Engineering support the zeroCO2 project for reforestation with a high social and environmental impact

Plant trees, offset carbon dioxide emissions by supporting community development. Making the company's ecological footprint greener, fairer, more sustainable. With the ability to monitor the tree growth process through a tracking system. These are the objectives of the zeroCO2 project chosen by Engineering for Earth Day 2021.

The project involves the planting of 200 fruit trees in Sicily, in Partinico, within a fund confiscated from the mafia, in collaboration with the agricultural cooperative Valdibella and the social cooperative NoE (No Marginalization). The products of the Engineering Food Forest will support the work of people with fragility within the cooperative.

The project is part of Engineering's commitments for sustainability: social, creating an impact on youth employment in the area; environmental, allowing the regeneration of an area subject to desertification as well as compensating for the company's environmental impact.


Sowing seeds for bees: more flowers, more bees

Engineering ITS continued its commitment to the protection of animal species in 2019. In particular, the German company is strongly active in the protection of bees, which in addition to being industrious insects, play an important role in our ecosystem. In fact, bees pollinate millions of plants every year, vital for the feeding of humans and animals.

The survival of bees, however, is threatened by chemical agents such as insecticides used in agriculture, and by climate change and the reduction of sources of sustenance. To help mitigate these dangers, this year the German subsidiary has renewed its “Sowing Seeds for Bees” campaign aimed at employees and customers, to whom the company sends flower seeds for planting in their flower pots and gardens.

The campaign to plant more flowers was very successful, thus supporting the survival of bees and other insects.

"What does prevention mean?"
Online event in collaboration with LILT

An hour of work to take care of your health. It is the initiative promoted by Engineering, in collaboration with the Italian League for the Fight against Cancer (LILT), for its employees who participated in the webinar "What does prevention mean in a topic such as cancer?" to deepen the themes of prevention.

Thanks to the 10 recommendations for cancer prevention, developed by the World Cancer Research Fund, it was highlighted how, to reduce the risk of the disease, the great work on which one can focus individually is to improve one's lifestyle, starting from the knowledge of the principles of nutrition and correct diets.

Because health comes with eating!

Ingenio al Femminile: stories of women who leave their mark

Conceived by the CNI (National Council of Engineers) and in collaboration with Cesop, the project aims to enhance female engineering talents and professionalism and facilitate their access to the world of work. The more general objective, consistent with Engineering's sustainability strategies, is to offer a contribution to the advancement of gender equality, in line with SDG 5 - Gender Equality of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the United Nations.

The 2021 edition of the competition is aimed at recent graduates in the academic year 2019-2020 who have produced brilliant engineering theses on the theme "Sustainability in all engineering sectors to achieve the objectives of the 2030 Agenda".

Together with Engineering, many important companies and various organizations support the project:: Confindustria ANIMA, EDISU Piemonte, Federico II Polytechnic School and Basic Sciences University of Naples, World Federation of Engineering Organizations.

A second opportunity for the closets of the Engineering offices

Engineering's commitment to circular economy policies is consolidated and aimed at sharing, reusing and recycling products and materials, with a view to social responsibility and sustainability.

So wardrobes, desks, and chairs of our offices, after having accompanied us in the daily work for the realization of our business projects, have had a second life at the service of young people and children in Italy and in the world.

After the closets in Rome which now furnish schools and associations in Italy and Africa, on the occasion of the renovation of the Bologna headquarters, some of the furniture went to support the educational projects of the Salesian Institute of the Beata Vergine di San Luca, while the furnishings from the Vicenza office accompany the children of the “Calvi” and “San Lazzaro” municipal nurseries.

It is one of the ways to confirm our commitment to local communities, the circular economy and sustainability models, which are becoming more and more beacons in the performance of our activities.


With Telefono Rosa and students against violence against women

On the occasion of the International Women's Rights Day, we supported the contest “Uno spot per il Telefono Rosa ”, aimed at high school students and promoted by the historic association for the protection of women victims of violence.

The initiative was created to raise awareness among young people on gender-based violence and cyberbullying which, according to the most recent data, have seen an increase in the number of victims since the beginning of the pandemic.

The best videos made by young people on the themes: violence against women, witnessed violence, bullying / cyberbullying, discrimination and revenge porn were awarded.

The winners of the five categories won the Engineering bicycle and the students of the Russel high school donated the bike they won to the women of a shelter managed by Telefono Rosa.


Ethics and sustainability in the management of personal data

On the occasion of the European Data Protection Day (28 January 2021) Engineering has signed the Decalogue for an ethical management of personal data in the contemporary digital society, developed by the National Association of Data Retention Managers and Operators (ANORC), to grasp the legacy of the former European Privacy Guarantor Giovanni Buttarelli. The ten principles expressed in the Decalogue are in line with company policies, with the guidelines expressed in the Group's Code of Ethics, relaunched in the Social Responsibility Report and disseminated internally to all employees, including in dedicated training sessions. This membership is an opportunity to renew and strengthen the Group's awareness of the crucial role of digitization in the treatment of people's information assets and in the more comprehensive affirmation of individual rights, including digital ones, with a view to the overall sustainability of our society.

More info:
- ANORC: Diritti Digitali
- Privacy, arriva il decalogo per la gestione etica dei dati personali (

Running with Telethon for research

Also in 2020, Engineering confirmed its commitment to Telethon research, the event organized by the Bln, BNP-Paribas group, in collaboration with the Rome Marathon.

Due to Covid, which prevented the traditional marathon at the Baths of Caracalla, in this edition (from 13 to 20 December) each participant ran, walked or cycled individually, with the bib of the 8x20 Relay, posting photos on social media and giving thus a concrete signal of participation in the event.

The Telethon Foundation has been involved since 1990 with guaranteeing resources to finance the best scientific research projects on muscular dystrophy and other genetic diseases and represents one of the largest fundraising projects in Europe.


The relocation of the headquarters in Rome: a project of circular economy and solidarity

A second chance at life for closets, chairs and desks in schools, associations and at House of Smiles in Benin. Hundreds of furnitures recovered from the move of the Engineering headquarters in Rome and entrusted to charity, assistance, solidarity and scouting associations, public, private and adult schools, a film production company, a medical and sports center, and some of them shipped to Africa.
Premio Gaetano Marzotto, start-up in competizione

Gaetano Marzotto Award: start-ups in competition

Supporting the most innovative ideas, activating a new Italian company and bringing it into the world, pushing the ecosystem of innovation: these are the goals of the Gaetano Marzotto Awards, one of the main start-up competitions in Italy. Engineering supported the initiative over the past three years by participating with a Special Award that has been recognized to start-ups offering innovative solutions and products in the Telco sector with a focus on mobile networks, IoT technologies and Big Data Analysis.
Progetto Diskow

DISKOW project

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence can be used to foster the inclusion of refugees. This has been demonstrated by the Diskow Project, funded by the European Commission as part of Erasmusplus, which, through a shared knowledge base, supports the placement of those fleeing from other countries due to war or famine. One year after its launch, Engineering’s Rome office hosted a project presentation workshop. Philosophers, law experts, associations for social development and support, and the refugees themselves discussed how technology could provide new opportunities to those who have lost everything and want to get their lives back on track.
Cresci e Post@

Cresci e post@ (Grow and post)

To encourage kids to think about the safe use of smartphones and social networks: from privacy protection to the dangers of cyberbullying - this is the goal of “Cresci e post@ - growing up without falling into the net”, which was established in 2017 with the collaboration of Engineering and the Florentine basketball team, Pino Dragons Basket. In 2018, the project was embraced by the Italian Basketball Federation and addressed to the participants of the Under-14 basketball championships. Engineering manages the platform, where the boys and girls from the tournament teams compare experiences and leave posts about the dangers of the Internet.
Muriamo il Bullismo

Let’s Block Bullying

Cybertech, a company from the Engineering Group, has worked alongside the Roma Volley Group, the first Italian company that is a “bully-free-zone”, in winning the most important game: the fight against bullying. Along with MOIGE - the Italian Parents’ Movement, which has devoted itself to protecting young people and families for 20 years, the company launched the crowdfunding campaign #MURIAMOILBULLISMO to raise awareness and inform younger generations and their families about a phenomenon that, unfortunately, is becoming increasingly widespread.
Financial Times Diversity Leaders 2020

2020 Diversity Leaders

Engineering was included by the Financial Times in a special report on the 2020 Diversity Leaders Award: in recognition of the company’s commitment to managing human resources, diversity and inclusion, in the belief that people’s human qualities and professional traits are fundamental for business growth. Of the 700 companies analyzed by the study, Engineering is among only 8 Italian companies included.

STEMintheCity: women between art and science

Engineering and other companies in the public and private sectors, with the support of the United Nations, promoted the third edition of STEMintheCity in Milan. The initiative aimed to promote the diffusion of technical-scientific disciplines and new digital technologies as an opportunity for future professionals from new generations, especially young women. Important figures from this event: over 12,000 participants; 107 schools involved; over 150 free events including seminars, training courses and debates.
Robocup 2018

2018 RoboCup International with Enrico-Carletto

In 2018, Engineering sponsored a new “adventure” in the field of robotics by the Enrico Fermi National Scientific High School of Padua. Since 2014, the company has collaborated with the school, to which it gave Enrico-Carletto NAO, a programmable humanoid robot, which the students use in competitions where they always achieve excellent results. Engineering also sponsored the participation of the E-404 team, made up of 4 secondary school students, in the RoboCup International in Montreal, a world event dedicated to robotics, where the team from Padua ranked second.

Gianturco station

We designed and financed a redevelopment project for the Gianturco station on the Circumvesuviana line, which is used by many of our colleagues in the Naples office. The interior of the building was renovated and equipped with surveillance systems. The exterior walls of the station were transformed into a work of art thanks to the "In futuro" murals by the street artist Geometric Bang, which depicts an image of Naples poised harmoniously between natural beauty and sustainable technology.

Eng4Future: Coding into schools

For the last four years, 30 volunteers from Engineering have devoted part of their time to collaborating with schools in different cities and spreading a culture of awareness of IT among children. During these events, our colleagues use programming tools and environments such as Scratch, AppInventor and M-BOT. These projects include the School-Work Alternation initiative carried out with the Orazio secondary school in Rome with the aim of increasing knowledge of mobile programming and robotics.

The Red Devils of Varese Rugby

Côte d'Ivoire, Guinea, Albania, Peru, Mali... borders don’t matter on sports fields. The Diavoli Rossi are a team made up of athletes of different nationalities, who live in Italy as asylum seekers.

Engineering has been the official sponsor of this multi-ethnic team of asylum seekers since its formation and continues to support this initiative to reaffirm its attention to situations capable of making inclusion a point of strength and knowledge.

The Diavoli Rossi participate in the C2 federal championship, also clashing in friendly matches with the Tre Rose Nere (Three Black Roses) of Casal Monferrato, another multiethnic team which has been active since 2015.
Jack Contemporary Arts TV

JACK Contemporary Arts TV

It is the first international web television channel dedicated to the contemporary arts and its key players, created by MAXXI in collaboration with us at Engineering. Managed directly by museums and institutions dedicated to the creative spirit of today’s artists, it is a continuously updated network that offers live streaming, videos with interviews and reports on all forms of artistic media and expression, contributions from art bloggers and spaces for users’ comments.

UNAR - National Anti-Racial Discrimination Office

Our technological solutions have also been applied in the non-profit and institutional sector, as in the case of the support provided to UNAR to monitor discriminatory activity. As an aid to the work carried out at the Contact Centre, which offers qualified listening services to those who report any type of discrimination, we have created a system for handling complaints, which also allows us to carry out research and compile reports on the most representative problems.

Covid vaccination centers

Engineering lends a hand to the anticovid vaccination campaign launched by the Prime Minister. The company wants to contribute to the achievement of the goal of 500,000 administrations per day for the prompt achievement of the threshold of 80% of the vaccinated population by September.

The nine Engineering offices (Assago, Bologna, Brescia, Florence, Naples, Padua, Pont-Saint-Martin, Rome and Turin) are ready to become vaccination points with the help of company doctors to respond to the need to increase the points of administration throughout Italy. When the Government, the Regions and the health authorities will launch the operation, the Engineering Group will be ready to give its contribution to the Nation.

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