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From Rome to Boca Raton in Florida, from Naples to Belo Horizonte in Brazil, the Engineering Community shares its stories.


Training, responsibility and growth are the values you will find when you work with us.
We support young people and you will start a company path in Engineering where you can grow project after project, realizing dreams and expectations.

Our values



The world of innovation and digital transformation is evolving quickly, which is why we invest in your skills.

To do this, we founded the “Enrico Della Valle” IT & Management Academy which, through 16 equipped classrooms and over 150 teachers, provided more than 15,000 days of technical, methodological and behavioral training over the last year.


By becoming a part of Engineering, you will measure yourself with the culture of doing.

You will work towards goals in a welcoming atmosphere, with young and motivated colleagues in an organization based on merit, where there is always room for widespread management capacities, autonomy of choice and the horizontal principle of delegation. In fact, it is precisely on these values that we have based our successful model for almost forty years.


Careers are made up of increasingly difficult and stimulating goals. At Engineering we look for quality and we reward your merit, your talent and your initiative.

You will work in an environment where teamwork and rapid decisions bring out leadership, business vision, ability to solve problems, collaboration and goal sharing. And where our managers know how to choose worth, because they in turn were chosen because of their worthiness.


About 12,000

98% of apprenticeships transformed
into permanent contracts

Over 700 people
hired in 2020


IT & Management Academy

We have always focused on preparing and updating those who work with us. This is why we are particularly committed to the activities of our Academy, where you can improve, update and nurture your technical and specialist skills, choosing from an educational path made up hundreds of courses and seminars.

Our people messengers of the corporate philosophy

In a company's development processes, it the people that make all the difference. And this is why Engineering has implemented specific initiatives on welfare, security, culture, information, leisure, support for education to grow its most important resources.

The most wanted professions

From Data Scientist to Cyber Security Officer or Data Analyst. Behind these titles lie skills, knowledge, new ways of dealing with working days. Discover how our professionals are now playing roles that until five years ago they did not even imagine could exist.

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