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Automotive Evolution

Advanced information management tools, reduced time to market and roll-out in 29 markets: how we improved the business operations of a multinational automotive company.

Approach & Solution

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A large multinational company in the automotive sector asked our team to take part in a business process re-engineering initiative for Product Data Management and Customer Digital Experience services.

In addition to process improvements, the client needed to ensure consistency, integrity and data quality of product information and digital assets at all times to improve the user experience throughout the digital journey and brand image across markets (EMEA).


Given our understanding of products, systems and procedures of different brands, we were able to offer the customer a range of services:
  • Process Improvement and Consultancy, for process analysis and improvement
  • Product Data Management Service, to support product managers in configuring and compiling product information, and to monitor, define and resolve product anomalies (configuration problems, market constraints, etc.)
  • Business Consultancy B2C, to assist in the management of digital tools, interfacing with various internal bodies (HQ and EMEA markets) and external bodies (agencies, suppliers), ensuring they function correctly, taking care of their layout and user experience, according to the specifications set by the client's various brands and in compliance with legal regulations
  • Management of market roll-outs.


Roll-out in about 29 markets

55% reduction in anomalies between 2019 and 2020

Evolution of information management and product configuration tools (PIM)

Reduction of time to market from 4 to 2 weeks

Support for brand and marketing departments

Project value

Process performance

Project Team