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bi2App, the new generation of car services

With our Customer App, the biAuto-Biasotti Group manages the relationship between customer and dealer in a smart, user-friendly and intuitive way

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The spread of an increasingly digital and mobile first approach to services among the new generations has prompted the biAuto-Biasotti Group, owner of one of the largest dealer networks in Italy, to seek a direct point of contact with customers through a holistic suite of services.

The Engineering team, together with the key dealers involved in IT and Business activities, analyzed the necessary functions and developed an application capable of guaranteeing the customer a high level of service. Thus, we created Customer App which represents one of the fundamental modules of our Digital Dealer Platform.


The Customer App is perfectly integrated with the ecosystem of the biAuto-Biasotti Group and provides the opportunity to collect updated information, ensuring customer involvement.

With the bi2App it is possible to manage all documentation, book in the workshop, consult vehicles in stock, manage reminders regarding the main maintenance operations to be carried out on vehicles, and sign documents directly from mobile through graphometric signature and OTP.

The Customer App belongs to a wider solution supporting Gruppo biAuto-Biasotti's Customer Engagement and Lifelong Relationship processes.


Increase Engagement & Loyalty consumers

Improvement in sharing information with the customer

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