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Orvieto enters the Metaverse: the city as an immersive experience

A new point of view to discover a historic city rich in culture, art and services.

Approach & Solution



"Orvieto in the Metaverse" is the project that Engineering, together with the , has designed to make the artistic, historical, and cultural heritage of the enchanting Umbrian town accessible to everyone through an immersive and sensorial experience.

Our goal is not to replace the site visit, but to encourage it by offering a virtual tour that increases the perception and enjoyment of the city, eliminating any type of barrier so as to make the experience truly inclusive.

This first ecosystem will then be subject to new evolutions, thanks to the inclusion of additional stakeholders and services that will make it increasingly engaging.


The solution includes an App for Oculus and the proposed contents are 360° photos and videos of the city, along with three-dimensional reconstructions of its environments.

Anna, the city's avatar and mascot, guides the user through the simulation, which can be used with traditional devices and 3D headsets. The interactive game starts from space, allowing the user to view the town from above, and then lands in Piazza Duomo. From here, the user enters various virtual rooms where they can interact with objects, observe and receive multimedia information on museums, attractions, and typical products, or enjoy virtual tours of the major sights.

It is also possible to request an Identity Card using NFT technology and thus become a citizen of the city of "Orvieto in the Metaverse".


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Promote the range of options for tourists through new digital channels

Experience truly inclusive

Improve the area’s brand reputation

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