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Padova: new technologies for parking management

With 5G and LoRaWAN technologies and our INES Cloud platform, we detect the occupancy of 1,500 parking spaces and offer mobility services.

Approach & Solution



The project involves an RTI, together with Municipia - for the IoT sensors part for parking occupancy detection and the INES Cloud mobility platform that manages data and provides services - and Fastweb, which provides next-generation connectivity for all parking areas of interest using 5G and LoRaWAN technology through proprietary fiber infrastructure to ensure real-time transfer of parking occupancy data to the processing platform.

The project lasts 5 years, and sensors have already been installed on approximately 1,500 paid parking spaces in the central area of the city of Padova, where APS Holding, the municipal company that manages mobility for the city, has identified the most valuable parking areas.


Our technologies, using the LoRaWAN network, enable a real digital revolution in urban mobility: they allow for the real-time identification of the occupancy status of each individual parking space, streamline on-street evasion control, and provide APS Holding and the Municipality of Padova with a precise tool to monitor mobility policy indicators.

At the same time, citizens can check parking availability by area in real-time and even in predictive mode through the EasyPadova app and other channels that will be deemed useful by APS Holding. This reduces traffic and therefore environmental and noise pollution due to parking search.


Real-time identification of parking occupancy

Improved enforcement control and evasion

Key performance indicators for mobility planning

Reduction in traffic and pollution

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