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Enabling business services in Tuscany

We created a range of services for businesses in Tuscany, transforming the interaction with the PA from a bureaucratic burden to a high-value service for companies.

Approach & Solution



The objective of our project was to standardise and digitalise, for the whole Tuscan territory, the processes connected with the activities of the Sportello Unico delle Attività Produttive (or ‘SUAP’, one-stop business advisory centre), building a network of services in which the business is the focal point.

The system allows SUAPs and local authorities (e.g. ASLs or Local Health Authorities) to implement regional/national forms and to add any local forms through the use of a simple and user-friendly tool.

Businesses thus have a single access point to communicate with the Public Administration.


Our solution is characterized by several innovation factors, including standardisation and governance.

The latter was carried out by collaborating with the Tuscany Region and all the competent public administrations on the territory, with the aim of creating a network, namely the "SUAP Network".

These innovation factors have been implemented on the three fundamental assets that regulate the way in which the SUAPs work :

  • the forms of the SUAP procedures
  • the process of creating the "case" that responds to the needs of the enterprise
  • the administrative process that is initiated when the company submits the "case" to the SUAP.


Simplification of administrative procedures

De-materialisation of documents

Indexing and standardisation of procedures

Streamlining of Public Administration

Regional Governance

Project value

Process performance
Cost cutting

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Digital Twin

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