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Integrated Public Administration Management


JEnte is the complete, modular, integrated and web-based suite that streamlines the end-to-end management of local institutions and their companies.

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JEnte makes it possible to overcome the sectorial management that often marks the process of digitalization of local authorities.
Our proprietary suite, available in cloud, is easy to use, secure and customizable according to the specific needs of the customer.

It is designed to:
  • Support local authorities in the adoption of a modern and functional organization focused on management “by objectives”.
  • Automate procedures through the widespread use of workflows and the complete dematerialization of documents.
  • Integrate with the entire world of Public Administration and its various information systems through a logic focused on applicative cooperation.
  • Guarantee online interaction among citizens, businesses and professionals.
  • Create a concrete integration and aggregation of data and logic among the different management modules, facilitating the sharing of information, while protecting their independence at the same time.


The suite is structured through a central information nucleus that contains the common data, the basic functions, the interface and the logic. Self-contained modules are based and embedded in this nucleus and are equipped with their own databases, which integrate and specialize the central system.
Such modules can be adopted as a full suite or gradually over time, thus limiting the initial investment.

Thanks to this approach, the governing body can now effectively and fully respond to the different needs of each specific area:
  • General Affairs
  • Demographic Services
  • Human Resources
  • Planning and Control
  • Financial Services
  • Superintendency
  • Taxes and Fees
  • Assets
  • Personal Services
  • Suap (the one-stop business advisory center) and Trade
  • Construction and Urban Planning
  • Local Police
  • Cemetery Services.

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