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Smart Agriculture

We help agri-food players leverage the benefits of digital transformation through an integrated ecosystem of technologies and data systems, from the field to the farm and beyond, as well as supporting government organization in managing projects

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Smart Agriculture

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Support remote monitoring of livestocks' vitals, location and behaviors, streaming data to the cloud and managing them through digital tools. Provide real-time monitoring of specific climate conditions applied to limited space scales. Monitor plant conditions to foresee the emerging disease and infections through dedicated sensors and decision support mechanisms. Gain detailed measures related to the quality of the ground and its characteristics through dedicated sensors. Support to field service activities and operators, optimize schedules and enabling direct interactions with technicians. Represent field productivity to analyse specific field zones to recognize their variability along time. Determine machines condition and predict failures and maintenance activities through the analysis of data patterns. Manage consumption of water, animal feeds, fertilizers and other raw materials to improve quality and profit margins. Use control systems and information technologies to automate production processes and reduce the need of the human manual intervention. Plan, organise and control the entire production process, from the management of raw materials to the final product. Integrate production plant technologies and systems to reach higher levels of efficiency. Integrate and automate data, equipment and processes to improve laboratory efficiency and output quality. Deliver products and services to final customers, whether business or consumer. Optimize collection, transport, processing or disposal of waste materials and related payment activities. Optimize collection and transport of loads. Collect, integrate, organize and analyze productivity data to provide valuable information for the company's decision makers. Monitor the conditions of company vehicles, increasing productivity, and scheduling preventive maintenance. Collect and organize inventory data and information about quantity of items, vendors, billing and payments, returns, refunds. Plan and control information, goods and services from the origin to the point of consumption. Safely monitor and control raw material, semifinished and finished products without compromising their quality or integrity. Allow an effective and efficient management of the European agricultural guarantee funds (EAGF), from the request to the payment. Allow efficient and efficient management of European agricultural funds for rural development (EAFRD), from request to payment Manage farm registries necessary to allow access to the funds of the Community Agricultural Policy (CAP): EAGF and EAFRD. Services aimed to design, implement, transform, optimize and operate technology and cloud solutions. Services aimed to enhance, evolve and support end users in the adoption and use of business and technology solutions in the modern workplace. Services aimed to ensure the optimal coverage of Clients' business needs through technology. Services aimed to design, develop, implement and maintain omnichannel (including mobile) applications for connected devices. Services aimed to design software applications and services focusing on the quality of user experience and interfaces. Services aimed to design and implement Clients' strategies related to brand, online positioning and multimedia.

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The New Normal

Building together a post Covid-19 world.

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Digital Transformation

Engineering Digital Transformation Transforming the present to enable the future.

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Engineering Blockchain solutions enable the Digital Transformation of public and private organizations.

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Evolving, enabling, extending your business through the Cloud.

Case Study

Veneto Region:
digital agriculture

New technologies for process automation, digitalization and augmented reality are supporting the development of innovative information systems and their adaptation for the increasingly “smart” agricultural sector.

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Robotic Process Automation

Process automation to enhance the human component of work 4.0.

Case Study

Smart farming in South America

We enabled the digital transformation of the milk production chain for a leading South American company, optimizing processes and traceability.

Focus On

Digital Workplace

We transform the way we work, learn and collaborate through digital platforms, in total security, anywhere, anytime.

Case Study

Save the Grape:
Maison Anselmet

We have innovated tradition, optimizing the production process of a world-class winery through precision farming.

Case Study

Emilia-Romagna Region:
Digital systems for agriculture

Leveraging process automation and digitalization, the management of the Region's agricultural fundings is more efficient and transparent.

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Engineering Innovation

Engineering Innovation Delivering the power of Innovation triggered by ideas.

Case Study

IoT – Internet of Terrain

IoT supports Agriculture 4.0: a network of sensors and control devices that transfers data and information for certifying the quality of the environment being monitored.

Research Project

IoT for food safety

A research project that brings into play new enabling technologies for food safety and the integrity of agri-food chains in a global scenario.

Research Project

Open Federation for Internet of Everywhere

Research project aimed at developing an open, secure and decentralized federation of blockchain-based IoT platforms, enabling data and information to be utilized in new ways.

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Digital Enabler

Ecosystem Platform

Engineering transforms Data to Knowledge through own ecosystem platform named Digital Enabler


Assets Predictive Analysis, Monitoring & Integration

Digital Platform for Asset Integration, Performance Monitoring and Predictive Analysis.


Business Analytics

Open Source suite for modern business analytics initiatives from data visualization to deep analysis.