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Community "Valore Acqua" for Italy

Engineering is taking part in the final event of the 4th edition of the Community led by The European House Ambrosetti.

Rome, March 22 2023

Engineering is a Partner of the Community Valore Acqua per l'Italia, the Think Tank activated by The European House Ambrosetti with the aim of designing together innovative solutions in the management of water resources.

On the occasion of World Water Day, the final event of the 4th edition of the Community will be held at the Acquario Romano in Rome, where the Community's White Paper 2023 and the Blue Book 2023 by Fondazione Utilitatis will be presented, where all the updated data on the situation of the water sector in Italy will be collected.

Davide Ciano, Business Development Manager Energy & Utilities at Engineering, will talk about the role of technology in fostering greater efficiency along the extended water supply chain and present our proprietary Water Management Solution platform.

In addition, we will be present with a Metaverse Corner where it will be possible to try out a Customer Virtual Experience dedicated to the water resource created in collaboration with SMAT.

More information: Valore Acqua 2023


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