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Smart technologies for sustainable integrated crop protection

Smart technologies for sustainable integrated crop protection

Find out how research can help reduce environmental impact in agriculture.

February 09 2023

The National Centre for Agricultural Technology Agritech carries out research and promotes the development of innovative technologies in the agricultural sector to improve the quantity and quality of production, ensuring sustainable adaptation to climate change also through prevention, resistance and resilience.

Integrated crop protection against biotic adversities (IPM - Integrated Pest Management) is an established strategy that can significantly reduce the environmental impact of agriculture. The IPM approach makes it possible to exploit all the latest scientific and technological innovations, in line with European and national strategic objectives to reduce the use of plant protection products.

Agritech Spoke 2 is organising a scientific day exploring smart technologies for integrated and sustainable crop protection.

Our researcher Antonio Caruso will talk about the implementation of IPM in Decision Support System (DSS) platforms.

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