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Engineering joins the United Nations Global Compact, consolidating its commitment to a sustainable business model

Engineering joins the United Nations Global Compact, consolidating its commitment to a sustainable business model

The Engineering Group has subscribed to the principles of the Global Compact and is consolidating its strategy for social responsibility, which has always focussed on ensuring respect for human rights, labour, the environment and the fight against corruption.

Rome, June 23 2021

Engineering has pledged its allegiance to the United Nations Global Compact, an initiative designed to encourage companies all over the world to adopt sustainable policies to respect corporate social responsibility and to publicise the results of the actions undertaken.

Through a "letter of commitment" to the Global Compact, sent to UN Secretary General António Guterres, the Group has formally pledged its adherence to the Ten Universal Principles relating to human rights, labour, the environment, and the fight against corruption, to promote the values of sustainability in the long term through political activities, corporate practices, as well as social and civic behaviour.

With its adhesion to the United Nations Global Compact, Engineering, a leader in the digital transformation of public and private companies and organisations, is taking another important step towards the consolidation of its social responsibility, reaffirming its commitment to integrating the values of sustainability into its business.

"The Ten Principles of the agreement represent the areas of social responsibility in which Engineering has invested more and more intensively over the past few years, making them an integral part of the company's business strategy, practices, and company culture, and which Engineering is committed to disseminating among its internal and external stakeholders," explains Paolo Pandozy, President and CEO of Engineering. "By subscribing to this agreement, Engineering is confirming its commitment to the concrete implementation of its founding values and social responsibilities, which we believe are essential for safeguarding the future of our business and the next generations", concludes Pandozy.

Emerging from a proposal by former UN Secretary Kofi Annan at the World Economic Forum in Davos in 1999, Global Compact is the largest global initiative to date on the issues of corporate citizenship and sustainability, and has been signed by more than 18,000 companies over the years. Today it has the support of more than 13,000 companies from 160 countries around the world, committed to sustainable development.

Touching on the specifics of the Ten Universal Principles of the Global Compact, the Engineering Group's commitment to respecting human rights, practising vigilance in terms of labour rights, and eliminating all forms of discrimination is set out in the Ethical Code (which is shared between employees and suppliers), confirmed in the sustainability assessments required by clients and investors, and implemented in the sustainability policies, with an increasing focus on diversity & inclusion issues. Engineering's growing commitment to protecting the environment and combating climate change is guaranteed by the company's Environmental Policy and Environmental Management System (certified by ISO 14001), monitoring of the company's carbon footprint, monitoring by the green data centre, the car policy, and other strategies and initiatives designed to reduce consumption (in terms of electricity, water, and energy). With regard to anti-corruption, Engineering's Anti-Corruption Prevention Policy and possession of ISO 37001 certification (an international standard for anti-corruption management systems), in addition to employee training on the subject, ensures that this principle remains at the heart of the Group's governance.

Engineering's decision to subscribe to the Global Compact is part of its Corporate Social Responsibility programme, which, since 2013, has led to the annual publication of the Corporate Social Responsibility Report to demonstrate its commitment to sustainable development to its stakeholders.


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