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Smart Agriculture: Engineering's vision for the digitalisation of Agriculture

Smart Agriculture: Engineering's vision for the digitalisation of Agriculture

Ensuring production efficiency and sustainability. New technologies are changing processes throughout the agricultural world: from the fields to production, through to the management of national and international funds.

Rome, April 07 2021

Engineering's "Smart Agriculture" White Paper explores the trends, challenges and technological changes affecting this sector, which is undergoing a new revolution.

According to analysts*, the global Smart Agriculture market, which was worth just under $10 billion in 2017, will exceed $23 billion in 2022. At the same time, the precision agriculture market is expected to reach $9.5 billion in the next few years, seeing growth of 15.72% in Asia and 11.93% in North America by 2025, while in South America, where it is already worth over $600 million, it is estimated that the market will grow by over 16% in Argentina, Mexico and Brazil. By 2025, the European precision agriculture should have grown by over 13.5%.

"As a systems integrator, Engineering is able to share its relevant skills and experience in the technological field with both the public and private sectors," explains Alessandro Scandurra, Senior Manager and PA Technical Director for Central Italy at Engineering. We s"upport our stakeholders in the construction of new ecosystems using our knowledge of the context, regulations, and production processes, right through to the implementation of software solutions."

In the "Smart Agriculture" White Paper, the Engineering experts lay out how the introduction and integration of technological processes in the agricultural industry will lead to greater production and quality efficiency, and therefore a reduction in costs, minimised environmental impact and new job opportunities for specialised staff. To achieve the perfect balance between productivity and sustainability, an integrated ecosystem of technologies and solutions will be implemented to allow farms to monitor and control their processes, guaranteeing quality and efficiency.

There is an increasing need for solutions that are able to exploit the power of data to monitor and optimise production processes, exploiting technologies such as the Internet of Things, AI & advanced analytics, machine learning, blockchains, GIS and remote sensing, on which Engineering has acquired skills from projects, services and products in recent years.

The "Smart Agriculture" White Paper also tackles the topic of Regulation & Fund Management, in which Engineering has decades of experience. The commitments and rules defined in the new CAP, the guidelines of the Green Deal and Farm To Fork, and the commitments of the NRRP for "green and digital" agriculture will lead Italian and European farmers to adopt new technological tools and enabling platforms to better manage the new challenges: environmental protection, reduction of impact on climate change, preservation of ecosystems, and the diffusion of knowledge within the whole agri-food chain.

The "Smart Agriculture" White Paper is part of an editorial series produced by Engineering to report on the most important market and technological trends in Digital Transformation.

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*Source: Statista dossier on Smart Agriculture



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