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Engineering Digital Media & Communication

Digital Media & Communication

The transformation of the sector goes through two main lines: digitalization of processes and exploitation of data.

To create new value, the world of Telecommunications and Media will therefore have to focus on new technologies, with the dual purpose of strengthening the core business and implementing new market models with renewed resources. Only by focusing on innovation, in fact, players will manage to overcome the challenges imposed by a Digital Transformation that can no longer be postponed.


Blockchain is no longer a frontier technology. And with the right pilots and collaborations, it could revolutionize the way we interact and carry on our business, through new digital ecosystems that are safe, resilient and can guarantee complete and transparent data transactions.

Thanks to its characteristics, Blockchain can therefore become an enabling technology that enables Digital Transformation of public and private organizations.

Engineering The New Normal

«It is too early to call, but it is certain that there will be no turning back with regards to digitalization and that the acceleration we have witnessed will continue, enabling our country to take a giant leap forward»
Paolo Pandozy, CEO Engineering Group

Our Manifesto illustrates how today's Challenge is not only to fix what was damaged and broken, but to reimagine the New Normal.

Digital Waste

Local governments' attention towards environmental issues is growing with the aim of guaranteeing an effective improvement in people's quality of life. This leads to a real Smart Environment strategy that implies the adoption of innovative tools and a strategic and sustainable urban planning, following the Augmented City model, which refers to a technological and resilient city, at the service of its citizens.

Thanks to our integrated approach - from the dumpster to tax collection - we adopt new technologies to provide added value for territories, overcoming service diseconomy, generating positive effects and reducing economic, environmental and social costs faced by public administrations and citizens.
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Supply Chain

In an increasingly globalized market, companies must innovate their Supply Chain to face competition by combining lower delivery times and better product quality.

The challenge can be managed also thanks to new enabling technologies such as Digital Twin, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data, which allow to optimize the planning, execution and monitoring of both the individual nodes and the entire supply chain, generating profit and competitive advantage.
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Digital Workplace

Digital Transformation is profoundly changing the way we work: new technologies provide us with new tools that we can use to create a Digital Workplace that perfectly balances virtual and physical space; here we can achieve results and create value with more fluid practices, less related to the traditional concept of space and time.

A digital revolution that increases productivity of whole working organizations, improves exchange of information and learning, allows to work safely on the road and remotely, and facilitates Smart Working.

Smart Energy & Utilities

On a global level, current energy consumption has almost doubled compared to 30 years ago.

In order to adapt such dynamics, the players of the Energy & Utilities sector are aiming to diversify and innovate their businesses, breaking the barriers that have always separated the different sectors (gas, electricity, oil, etc.), making them converge towards a new way of conceiving energy needs.

Digital Defense, Aerospace & Homeland Security

In recent years we have witnessed threats and global phenomena of various kinds. These have required – and continue to require – significant defense interventions on the part of governments.

By relying more and more on technology, all military equipment will be increasingly interconnected, exponentially increasing exposure to cyber risks.


Cloud, a well-established, and always evolving, technology and concept, is probably the most important enabler of all when it comes to Digital Transformation.

These days, pretty much all new business is born Cloud-native, providing the basis of the transformation to come, and pretty much all established organizations are leveraging, or looking to leverage, the benefits of Cloud.

Augmented City

Transforming our cities into “Augmented Cities” means creating cities that are not only efficient, but also safe, dynamic and inclusive, representing ideal places in which to live, work and invest, with economic repercussions for the whole territory.

Our commitment is focussed on supporting the implementation of cityrelated strategies that start with the valorisation and re-contextualisation of their assets, to enhance and improve public services.

Digital Industry

The manufacturing industry is in the midst of a massive Digital Transformation, growing each day by evolving newer technology solutions.

Our Digital Thread, supporting the entire lifecycle of products and processes, implements new solutions for Industry 4.0.

Robotic Process Automation

As markets and technology change and evolve, so do systems and processes.

RPA enables companies to react quickly, evolving processes without recoding or reconfiguring existing projects and enhancing greater value-added corporate activities.


Few emerging technologies permit to overcome reality and limitations of the physical world. Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality bring user experience to a whole new level. When applied to business, they reshape industrial processes, improve overall efficiency by increasing the perception of the surrounding environment, and enhance customer experience and satisfaction.
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The world we live in is changing at increasing speed, introducing improvements in the way we live and work that until recently seemed unimaginable. This new world must however be protected and only the right mix of experience, skills and technologies will ensure a secure and controlled transformation.
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Digital Twin

Emerging technologies such as IoT, AI and advanced modeling techniques are enabling an intelligent, connected and digitally empowered mesh of people, things and services which outline a definitive concept, Digital Twin, for today’s business.
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Engineering Innovation

Our skills, acquired from a long standing and cross industry experience in managing core processes, enable us to transform technology into relevant innovation for our clients. As the digital revolution has come of age, Engineering is a partner for the whole transformation journey.
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Digital Transformation

Leading our customer towards a new economy of Digital Ecosystems. The development of our world has always been based on the value of knowledge, a pillar that is now facing an unprecedented change. A world that potentially holds all the answers. Digital transformation is defining our era.
Machine Learning

Even neural networks imagine

Constructing (and deconstructing) to do something new. Well, almost anything. Neural networks have now become pervasive not only in the field of Artificial Intelligence but also in all information technology

Environmental risk: to what extent does innovation help?

IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality working for the environment . Over the last 5 years, the country has recorded 102 extreme environmental events that have caused floods or landslides, leading to the need to call for a state of emergency on 56 occasions, with a very high total cost in terms of human lives and an outlay of 7.6 billion euros.
Artificial Intelligence

AI: the battle between data and algorithms

Is there a battle going on between data and algorithms? Who is winning?
Artificial Intelligence

Has the future of work already arrived?

Artificial Intelligence, Robotization and jobs that previously didn't exist: what has changed and what has still to change?

Data and digital against avalanches and rockfalls

Here is how the RED project algorithms help monitor hydrogeological risk
Sentiment Analysis

Bias in data: some experiments

How much can data lead machines into behavior dictated by prejudices? And what does a soap dispenser machine have to do with the sophisticated technologies of contemporary Artificial Intelligence?
Risk Management

Agility and systemic risk management

The extent to which and how an agile mindset can help prevent problems and accidents. how innovation and digital transformation can contribute to the management of environmental risk?

What is needed to work well in multidisciplinary teams?

What is needed to work well in multidisciplinary teams?
Artificial Intelligence

An algorithm and a brain scan are sufficient for calculating IQ

An algorithm and a brain scan are sufficient for calculating IQ … it’s time to confess!
Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation: are Italian companies ready?

The opinion of ICT companies on the degree of Digital Transformation achieved by their client companies
Risk Management

Avalanches: innovation helps risk management

Remote sensing, AI and Data Analysis at the service of the enviroment. An aid for avalanche prevention.
Mixed Reality

#TIMBoxHackathon: young ideas about Mixed Reality grow

From the hackathon organized in Orvieto by Engineering and TIM many original and sustainable design ideas
Artificial Intelligence

AI and Retail: what relationship?

What customers and companies in the Retail sector think and say about Artificial Intelligence
Biga Data Analysis

Investments in Big Data & Analytics on the rise: how and why?

According to Assintel Report 2019, investments for giving value to data collected by companies increase by 26% compared with 2017.

Cloud Computing: why and how will it grow in 2019?

Interviewing Francesco Bonfiglio, CEO of Engineering D.HUB, commenting on Assintel Report 2019, which foresees a 25% increase in investments in the Cloud next year
Precision Farming

Precision Farming: do sensors, data and AI improve production?

The extent to which precision technology and agriculture improve the quality and quantity of crops
Machine Learning

Back2basics: Artificial Intelligence

The meaning of the words "Artificial Intelligence". What is ​​the challenge of AI?