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A full digital Cloud solution for Itabus

A project to provide an excellent service to users in terms of customer care, user experience, purchasing process and efficiency thanks to the digitalization of all business processes.

Approach & Solution

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As a fresh startup for road passenger transport, Itabus produced its technological HLD architecture based on a strategic future-proof vision that immediately guided IT choices such as cloud native, digital omnichannel and industry-leading solutions. This is why Itabus then carried out an important vendor selection activity, choosing Engineering as the best player on the market.

Itabus needed to design services and systems and to implement the necessary integrations and configurations for the entire technological system. in constant evolution, also due to the changes in the social and market contexts that have characterized the last few years. Therefore, Engineering, in line with what defined at a design and strategic level by Itabus, realized a full-digital cloud solution to guarantee usability and continuity of the services provided to users and to allow an assessment of the performance of the various business areas.

There was also a need to create CRM, e-Commerce and Business Intelligence platforms integrated with other application platforms (ERP, distribution systems, fleet and personnel monitoring, etc.), providing the possibility to intervene in a scalable and timely manner to improve functionality services and to ensure maximum efficiency of all processes.


In light of Itabus' ambition to be natively digital, we have designed the architectural structure set by Itabus, in a clear and very innovative way, adopting an agile working methodology, with "sprints" of different duration depending on the period and needs. These "sprints" were achieved thanks to a strong and constant interaction between Itabus key users, our business analysts and product technical specialists. We have used many of the services offered by AWS in its three typical types: infrastructure services, container services and abstract services.

Furthermore, the development methodologies and the typical architectures of the applied technology have been adapted to the customer's needs, giving rise to highly robust, reliable, flexible and responsive platforms to user requests. Through our specific skills we have implemented some modules of the Salesforce platform for the CRM and Marketing Cloud component (i.e. Service Cloud for the management of tickets, orders, payments and vouchers also through the activation of WebtoCase, chat and other contact tools with the customer - digital engagement -, and Marketing Cloud for push geo-localization, sms, email), ensuring integration with the Datalake and the native Itabus app.

From a Business Intelligence perspective, analytics applications and interactive dashboards have been built and implemented to manage information on business performance in an integrated way and carry out in-depth analyses on particular topics of interest.


Quick platform implementation

Flexibility and agility in managing new initiatives

Efficient, flexible, real-time data analytics tools

Communications automation

High process digitalization

Project value

Cost cutting
Process performance

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