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The power of big data leads services, products and processes to a higher level of "intelligence"

Advanced Analytics

AI & Advanced Analytics as an Enabling Technology

Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are the tools for exploiting the information content of massive volumes of data with the application of automatic and systematic techniques, in self-learning mode, within rapidly changing contexts. Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques, already anticipated in the '40s by the intuitions of the Turing Test, are today the basis of a new generation of intelligent solutions designed to improve the quality of our time and regenerate energies by identifying and anticipating needs, providing personalized services, foreseeing phenomena and optimizing the resources available.

Our Value Proposition

The availability of increasingly digitized data flows is changing the way we interpret everyday life. With our approach, we intervene to overcome this complexity by identifying and processing the relevant components with the most appropriate tools in order to ensure an engaging, complete and effective user experience. We use the most advanced technologies for analyzing, enriching, managing, exploiting and displaying data. With Advanced Analytics, we implement the synthesis of business data, logs, signals, IoT sensors and neural networks, interactions and multichannel systems, social and web sources, images, infographics, audio and video. We take this information and we apply Artificial Intelligence, optimization, statistics with detection of anomalous values (outliers), neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), analysis of call volumes (speech analytics), image recognition and forecasting techniques in order to build intelligent systems, virtual assistants, chatbots, cognitive applications and innovative experiences of augmented and virtual reality.


Imagination is the only limit to the real-world application of AI, which can transform the most traditional business processes and, at the same time, stimulate creation of the jobs of the future. We have:
  • created a biometric (facial) recognition system for use in banking;
  • developed predictive models of network loads for the energy balancing of the main Italian electricity distributors;
  • used semantic analysis on conversations with a Customer Care desk to improve, in real time, the quality of the service provided;
  • we apply it to enable the predictive maintenance of industrial production plants, foreseeing the imminence of error situations and optimizing maintenance interventions