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AI & Advanced Analytics

The power of big data leads services, products and processes to a higher level of "intelligence"

Artificial Intelligence & Advanced Analytics

AI & Advanced Analytics as an Enabling Technology

The ability to learn from vast amounts of Data, to simulate nature inspired behaviours, combined with traditional intelligence models and algorithms are the shift and evolution that position AI (Artificial Intelligence) & Advanced Analytics as the most important enabling technologies today.

The concept of AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques first appeared in papers and research in the 50s by intuitions of the Turing’s test, used to define if a machine was able to think, to be considered “intelligent”.

AI & Advanced Analytics applications have an extremely concrete impact by making it possible to identify hidden patterns, provide personalized services, learn from Data and make predictions, and essentially bring the analysis of complex scenarios to simple results, delivering unprecedented value.
Machine learning allows a robot to play chess

Our Value Proposition

The availability of increasingly digitized data flows is changing the way we interpret everyday life. With our approach, we intervene to overcome this complexity by identifying and processing the relevant components with the most appropriate tools in order to ensure an engaging, complete and effective user experience.

We use the most advanced technologies to analyze, enrich, manage, exploit and display big data.

The areas of applications are numerous, for example: automate human-fashioned activities to help support continuous presence (ie. voice, sounds, figure, facial recognition), interact with users (ie., bot, conversational interfaces), define the optimal use of assets (ie.,what if, predictive maintenance, traffic flow, logistic planning), understand documents (ie., contract analysis, knowledge form unstructured records, character recognition), and analyse and comprehend behaviour (ie., dynamic pricing, propensity to acquire, outliers).
Facial recognition through deep learning

Artificial Intelligence & Advanced Analytics applications

AI & Advanced Analytics can be applied to manage both the transition (Digital Transformation) and the “real target” of letting Data drive the business without the lens of process. It is becoming a real competitive advantage for businesses by adding innovation, promoting automation, cost reduction and intelligent decision making.

Below are just a few of our application areas. We have:
  • created a biometric (facial) recognition system for use in banking
  • developed predictive models of network loads for energy balancing of the main Italian electricity distributors
  • used Natural Language Processing (NLP) and semantic analysis on conversations with a Customer Care desk to improve, in real time, the quality of the service provided
  • enabled the predictive maintenance of industrial production plants, foreseeing the imminence of error situations and optimizing maintenance interventions.

Generative AI power: a game changer with global impact

Generative Artificial Intelligence is destined to become an indispensable component of our everyday life.

How can it ethically and responsibly improve our daily lives, promote the spread of culture, and ensure economic and sustainable development?

Can it really be a booster in this new scenario that is emerging?