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Data Driven applied! Tools, techniques and methodologies to get engineered insights and exploit data value.

A team of qualified professionals covering the whole Data Analytics pipeline, to take advantage of the digital transformation. By applying best practices and our own methodologies, we span from the definition of Data Architecture to the end-user experience, providing value augmentation with AI applied solutions.

Focusing on quality assurance and reliable data governance as well as on a trustworthy AI, we ensure clients’ satisfaction and frontier solutions, spanning from electric power signal comprehension to Italian air navigation traffic control, from industrial plant predictive maintenance to customer’s care conversations understanding.
Data management complexity rises as organizations handle multistructured data spread across on-premises, edge and multiple cloud vendors, leading to greater data governance challenges.

Data Warehouses, Data Resevoirs, Data Lakes, Data Hubs, Lakehouses, Operational DLs to collect IoT and IoE data are all part of the complexity that has to be managed enabling analytical batch tasks as well as operational intelligence, both in real time or streaming, as for time series use-cases and IoT applications. No matter if on-prem or cloud, data must be properly secured, tracked and governed to exploit their value as main asset in the data-driven economy.

We help our clients leverage solutions designed to optimally adapt to their specific business needs, ensuring an efficient, fast, governable, safe, compliant and future-ready data strategy.
Taming our world complexity into easy-to-use solutions: Advanced Analytics and AI, leveraging Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques, NLP/NLU, Signal Analytics, Computer Vision, Speech Analysis, Forecasting and more.

We accelerate the ability to harvest value from large quantities of data coming from heterogeneous sources, enabling to gain knowledge and improve decisions through AI, connecting intelligent and analytical systems to solve broader and more complex problems. Right when needed.

We master the theories underlying individual Advanced Analytics techniques and decline them on the different available technologies to realize the best solution to specific business needs. A lean approach with a proven methodology which evolves in valuable outcomes every time.
Blending Form, Function and Fit to achieve the best user experience. Supporting a bi-modal approach with self-service analysis for business users and managed reports and analytics for everyone, with agile patterns for a fast time-to-insight suitable to competitive business environments.

We enable the "information everywhere" paradigm, on devices, applications and processes through open APIs that increase effectiveness. We combine multi-structured data sources with mash-up techniques that guarantee a meaningful information mix and a free-form visual exploration. Joining UX and usability communication patterns, we create an effective data experience.

We excel in Modern BI applications, driving our clients in a smooth and valuable transition and exploiting the value of customer's state-of-art. Spanning from commercial and best in class tools (i.e., Tableau, Qlik, Tibco Spotfire, MS Power BI, SAS VA, Looker) to open source ones, such KNOWAGE, as our complete DataViz & Analytical suite.

Time to market, flexibility, multiple sources, volumes must meet veracity in the insight’s discovery. A Data Governance strategy ensures the appropriate behavior in the valuation, creation, consumption and control of data and analytics.

Handling metadata throughout the complete data lifecycle is crucial for gaining awareness: availability, usability, integrity, security, lineage, quality and trustability. A shared language to support collaborative processes by means of business glossaries, data ownership and audit trail for compliance purposes are the ultimate target.

We assist clients throughout the whole process that brings to analytics governance, defining roadmaps, adopting tools and practices to increase automation and avoid inconsistencies or leaks.

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AI & Advanced Analytics

Simplifying complexity to face the future by giving voice to your most precious asset: data.


Case Study

Data and Artificial Intelligence for cross-selling marketing

For a leading European banking group we apply AI and Machine Learning to estimate the propensity of millions of customers to apply for mortgages and bank credit lines.

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Case Study

A full digital Cloud solution for Itabus

A project to provide an excellent service to users in terms of customer care, user experience, purchasing process and efficiency thanks to the digitalization of all business processes.

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Case Study

AI & Green Energy: predicting is possible

Up to a million predictions in 60 minutes: with our holistic approach we use Artificial Intelligence to predict energy production from renewable sources.