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PG Connect: a new frontier for Field Service Management

PrysmianGroup and Engineering together to evolve the way work gets done in the field. Watch the interview and discover PG Connect

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Five questions to...
Antonio Delli Gatti

Our Healthcare Division Director talks about the health challenges for 2021 and how Engineering can support partners in transforming the difficulties of the moment into opportunities for innovation

Research Project

GAIA-X, for a new European data economy

We are Day-1 Member of the European project for the creation of a data infrastructure, based on a new digital ecosystem that is open, transparent, secure and reliable

White Paper

Supply Chain

Supporting Supply Chain Management with process digitization and innovative solutions

Case Study

Veneto Region: Biosurveillance against Covid-19

Thanks to Eng-DE4Bios the Veneto Region maps and geolocates subjects infected by Coronavirus in real time, allowing doctors and local authorities to work safely

Our Platforms & Solutions


Our new ecosystem platform specialized in the clinical and care dimension

Engineering Innovation in

Digital Finance

We help organizations transform how they manage  data and processes, enhancing all relationships and leading them towards new digital ecosystems.

Enabling Technologies


Enabling Technologies


We have created our own research lab called «HyperLab», allowing our Clients to co-create innovative uses of this technology which allows you to ensure a single point of truth, data integrity and accountability.


Enabling Technologies


We make the real world and the digital world interact by creating new AR - MR - VR experiences and applications closely aligned to our Customers’ business processes, enabling them to fully exploit the digitally-enabled benefits of Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality.


Enabling Technologies

IoT Internet of Things

We digitize our world by giving objects and space (as well as living beings) a digital voice, creating value from data, enabling better decision-making processes through real-time monitoring.