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Five questions to...
Maria Cristina Barbero

The Head of our Center of Excellence explains the Project Management approach and methodologies. And how it can teach us to read the present with the future in mind.

Case Study

QU4LITY: Digital Reality in Zero Defect Manufacturing

An open, certifiable and highly standardised, SME-friendly, data and AI-driven ZDM product and service model for Industry 4.0 based on sovereign digital infrastructures.

Instant Paper

Digital Workplace

Redesigning the time and space of work with new digital tools.

Competence Center

Data & Analytics

Data Driven applied! Tools, techniques and methodologies to get engineered insights and exploit data value.

Our Platforms & Solutions


It is a product dedicated to companies and organizations that need tools to share, communicate and collaborate but need a higher level of security and flexibility than that offered by market competitors.

Case Study

Loyalty cloud su salesforce

With Salesforce we created a cloud-based marketing platform to promote customer loyalty for a major player in the Oil market in the retail area.

Engineering Innovation in

Digital Retail & Fashion

We help retailers and fashion companies revolutionize the customer shopping experience, and at the same time to increasingly streamline operations, reduce costs and increase revenues.

Upcoming Events


May 13 2021

FIWARE Cybersecurity DAY

Experts join forces to explore innovative approaches for a secure and reliable digital single market.


May 13 2021

The future of the Cloud in Italy

The president of Municipia De Capitani at the Open Gate event.


May 13 2021

Open Source Systems 2021

Grazia Cazzin intervenes at the international conference with Knowage use cases.

Enabling Technologies


Enabling Technologies


We build reliable, safe and scalable infrastructures that enable our clients to support both traditional and next generation applications as well as to safely collect and manage large amounts of data, thus realizing their cloud strategy which is foundational in the Digital transformation era.


Enabling Technologies


We ensure security and protection of all organizational assets, including data, servers and data centers, by employing the best data security practices, methodologies and professional competencies.


Enabling Technologies


We have created our own research lab called «HyperLab», allowing our Clients to co-create innovative uses of this technology which allows you to ensure a single point of truth, data integrity and accountability.