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Five questions to...
Vicenzo Tartuferi

Our General Manager Energy & Utilities talks about the challenges for 2021: from the energy transition to the birth of cross-market ecosystems, here are all the changes in an evolving market.

Case Study

Supporting companies: Bologna focuses on data analysis

With the "Company Knowledge System" we are supporting management of support services to companies and professionals operating in Bologna municipality.

White Paper

Central Bank Digital Currency

Discover the challenges and opportunities of the new digital currency in the Instant Paper written with Nexen.

Competence Center

Change Management

Building a successful environment for Digital Transformation and the evolution of Customer and Partner Experience.

Our Platforms & Solutions

Safe Eye

Our solutione to ensure people’s safety and protect the community.

Client Story

PG Connect: a new frontier for Field Service Management

PrysmianGroup and Engineering together to evolve the way work gets done in the field. Watch the interview and discover PG Connect.

Engineering Innovation in

Smart Agriculture

We help agri-food players leverage the benefits of digital transformation through an integrated ecosystem of technologies and data systems, from the field to the farm and beyond, as well as supporting government organization in managing projects.

Enabling Technologies


Enabling Technologies


We build reliable, safe and scalable infrastructures that enable our clients to support both traditional and next generation applications as well as to safely collect and manage large amounts of data, thus realizing their cloud strategy which is foundational in the Digital transformation era.


Enabling Technologies

AI & Advanced Analytics

AI and Advanced Analytics, enables you, via techniques, methods and tools that integrate and process data, often in real-time, to forecast situations, allowing a more refined decision-making, automating repetitive processes and specializing resources to create value-added services, innovate and gain competitive advantage.


Enabling Technologies

IoT Internet of Things

We digitize our world by giving objects and space (as well as living beings) a digital voice, creating value from data, enabling better decision-making processes through real-time monitoring.