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Municipia works alongside the local authorities of several municipalities to become the link between strategic vision and project implementation.

Approach & Solution

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A Homogeneous Zone in the north of Italy, with more than a dozen of Municipalities, launched - more than two years ago - the feasibility phase of an Integrated Territorial Project. The aim is to create a strategic plan for the integrated sustainable development of the infrastructure necessary to develop and enhance services in the social, socio-sanitary, economic, urban and environmental fields.

The model is based on 6 major "thematic corridors": Mobility, Water, Energy Efficiency, Land Development and Regeneration, Quality of Life and Digitisation. The census carried out at the request of the promoting local authorities served to identify the needs, size, dynamics, timetable and level of cohesion of the area.

The processing of the data collected made it possible to classify more than 100 projects, which were grouped into a functional matrix and divided according to "corridor", with different colours depending on the type of corridor to which they belonged.


Municipia decided to present a financing project to the Local Authorities, assuming an advisory role and providing support to the Local Authorities in the implementation of the entire programme. In this way, Municipia can be the "accelerator" that ensures the implementation of strategic projects, becoming the link between the strategic vision of the local authorities and the "on the ground" implementation of projects.

Under the project financing scheme, Municipia will set up and manage a technology and data collection infrastructure across each project. The entities that will implement the various projects will therefore be obliged to use the project platforms or, alternatively, to transfer all the data considered necessary and indicated in the various project award procedures.

The main platform that Municipia will make available will be DiVE in addition to a series of services for the digitisation of services for citizens and municipal employees (ARGO).


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