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Unchaining (the) business


Unchain the business through Blockchain

Blockchain is a distributed, decentralized, public or private ledger of cryptographically signed, irrevocable blocks of transactions, shared by all participants of an ecosystem.

Each block has a time stamp and a reference link to the previous one that must be confirmed and encrypted: this ensures immutability and full traceability of the chain.

  • Ensures integrity of data
  • Enables transactions ensuring complete transparency and safety for all stakeholders
  • Change the way we interact and do business across new digital platform ecosystems

Our Value Proposition

We have been actively researching and developing Blockchain and DLT technologies since 2014 and are actively contributing to their advancement.

We are participating in the most important international working groups on DLT and Blockchain, including the Focus Group on Application of Distributed Ledger Technology at the United Nation level and the ISO/TC 307 “Blockchain and Distributed ledger technologies” at the global level, focused on designing and developing the best Blockchain strategies at every level.

We are constantly working with partners and clients in exploring how to best use this technology. Read our white paper to discover our actual case studies, use cases and research projects and ideas.

Our Blockchain solutions for business

We use Blockchain, together with other enabling technologies, as building blocks in the creation and delivery of our digital solutions. We manage Blockchain technologies using two different parallel approaches:

Engineering Blockchain-As-A-Service (EBAAS)
The first approach is based on our proprietary Engineering Blockchain-As-A-Service (EBAAS) platform, a complete service-based system able to offer Blockchain notarization features as a service to other platforms and applications.

Engineering HyperLab
The second approach is based on our proprietary Engineering services infrastructure called HyperLab. Our Blockchain infrastructure uses the Hyperledger Fabric open source platform, which is currently the most flexible, secure and production-ready on the market.