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Digital Twin

Master uncertainty and maximize your chances of success by taking informed decisions through a digital copy of reality (or your business), where “seeing”, “thinking” and “acting” is totally risk-free


Digital Twin as an Enabling Technology

A digital twin is a near-real-time digital copy of a product, process, service or system.

The coupling of the physical and digital world enables you to monitor both systems, prevent issues, develop new opportunities and simulate future outcomes.

It provides a reliable, risk-free, environment where one can assess optimal operational conditions.

It is based on three pillars:
  • Connectivity
  • Digitalization
  • Intelligence

Our Value Proposition

We support Clients by simulating their business problems, limiting the risks of uncertainty and maximizing their chances of success.

We focus on digital twin applications by helping Clients take informed decisions through a detailed digital copy of their business.

Combining advanced analytics, simulation and machine learning techniques, we can identify corrective actions to unexpected problems, and, more importantly, predict and optimize business performance.

What We Do

A digital twin could be virtually applied to any situation; based on our experience, it is best applied to solve very complex scenarios, such as:
  • Manufacturing
  • Mobile
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Smart Cities
  • Industrial Internet of Things