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Our Platforms & Solutions

We are developing both open "ecosystem" platforms to foster innovation and give value to current capabilities, as well as "vertical" platforms that accelerate and enable new business paradigm.

Ecosystem Platforms

Digital Enabler: our ecosystem platform

Discover the Ecosystem of Platforms and Solutions for Digital Transformation chosen by our Customers

Digital Enabler

Ecosystem Platform

Engineering transforms Data to Knowledge through own ecosystem platform named Digital Enabler


Biosurveillance Platform

An open source and cloud-native biosurveillance solution for SARS-Cov-2.


Marketplace Platform

Our brokering and monetization platform that enables the immediate distribution of any type of Cloud & digital services.


Assets Predictive Analysis, Monitoring & Integration

Digital Platform for Asset Integration, Performance Monitoring and Predictive Analysis.


Business Analytics

Open Source suite for modern business analytics initiatives from data visualization to deep analysis.


Efficiency Improvement Solution

The building-block solution that makes business processes more efficient.


Your Digital Workplace

vDESK ensures high levels of security and flexibility to organizations that need tools for sharing, communicating and collaborating.


Insurance Platform Life

Our platform allows the management of life insurance business through processes that provide end-to-end supervision across the entire life cycle of an insurance contract.


Track & Trace

Make serialization and traceability simple throughout the supply chain.


APIs, Integrations & Microservices Platform

Supporting companies in the end-to-end reinsurance process


E-Health Clinical Platform

Our new ecosystem platform specialized in the clinical and care dimension.


Process Orchestration Framework

A Salesforce CRM application to support organizations in the set-up and implementation of complex business processes.


Integrated Public Administration Management

JEnte is the complete, modular, integrated and web-based suite that streamlines the end-to-end management of local institutions and their companies.


E-Health Integrated Platform

Our proprietary platform for the digitization and integration of clinical and administrative health processes.


District Heating Management

Our solution for the complete coverage of thermal plant management processes (Thermal Power Plants, District Heating, Cogeneration, Cooling).

Neta Open Suite

Engineering's Smart Energy & Utilities Platform

Neta Open Suite is Engineering's ERP and CRM system for managing the Energy & Utilities sector and smart metering and billing processes.

Ines Cloud

Smart Mobility & Parking

Platform designed for the complete management of urban mobility processes for smart cities.


Regional Accounting Platform

The latest ERP platform for Local Authorities, integrating Financial Accounting, Economic Patrimonial and Analytical Accounting.


Property & Casualty (P&C) Digital Insurance Platform

A tailor-made digital platform, optimised for the sale and management of damages products - complex, modular and micro-insurance


Reinsurance Platform

Supporting companies in the end-to-end reinsurance process

Grace Suite

Governance, Risk, Regulatory & Compliance

Platform offering a set of specialized applications in Governance, Risk, Regulatory and Compliance.


Digital Wealth Management

Defining a product offering that is sustainable and consistent with the aims and the life cycle of the customer.


Customer Loyalty

Platform for managing services related to electronic payment tools for banking and business.

Retail Platform

Unified Commerce

The New Modular and Unified Solution to manage online and offline sales in retail.


Integration Platform Service Engineering

A platform that integrates and optimises B2B processes by creating interconnected digital ecosystems.


Wine Industry Platform

Combines the magic of digital with what for everyone is a world made of craftsmanship, passion, experience and personal memory.