Engineering: leader della Digital Transformation

Our Platforms

With 40 years of experience, we have developed a portfolio of proprietary platforms, frameworks and tools for the digital transformation of our customers' business processes.


Our deep understanding of fundamental business processes, cutting-edge technologies, and, in many cases, the complexities of highly regulated markets enables us to design ENG's proprietary platforms to best meet the specific needs of our stakeholders.

These platforms are often co-designed with our clients and subsequently developed and fully maintained by our dedicated Product Business Units. They boast clear strategies and roadmaps. These platforms are frequently leaders in their respective markets and perform critical business functions.

Proprietary Platforms


However, ENG's interest extends beyond its core proprietary platforms to embrace technological enablement frameworks and tools. These can range from tools performing very specific tasks to technological frameworks that can be leveraged to accelerate the composition of new solutions.

These tools perform specific functions or serve as structures that accelerate the creation of new solutions. These frameworks and tools can be strategically and tactically leveraged to optimize performance and drive development.

Technology enablement Frameworks & Tools