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Robotic Process Automation

Automation of Processes to Enhance the Human Component
of Work 4.0


RPA as an Enabling Technology

Robotic Process Automation refers to the set of technologies that deal with the automation of repetitive, massive and error-prone work processes by applying "intelligent" workflows that interact with user applications.

RPA enhances the human dimension of work, improves user satisfaction and optimizes performance.

It represents the first step of digitally transforming business processes within an innovation path that leads to the mature and advanced adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics.

Our Value Proposition

Thanks to our consolidated consulting experience in the analysis, optimization and documentation of operational processes, across various markets, we are able to offer our Clients a new user experience.

We leverage Robotic as well as Advanced Process Automation solutions to free up economic, physical and human resources from activities that require more basic skills, enabling organisations to redirect resources towards value added domains thus enhancing the human dimension of work, improving user satisfaction, increasing work efficiency, and optimising quality and productivity of the organisation.

To support this vision, we make significant investments in a dedicated competence center and aquire expert certifications of products and solutions from market leading suppliers.

What we do

We provide Consulting, Implementation Services, Managed Services, Software Packages and Cloud based service platforms. We are applying our RPA offer to all markets (in particular Digital Finance, Digital Media & Communication, Digital Industry, Digital Retail & Fashion) and application environments for:
  • Back office
  • Contact Centre
  • Local taxes
  • Fraud detection
  • Audit & compliance
  • e-commerce delivery.
Danilo Valdati

Danilo Valdati

Covid has prompted companies to accelerate the digitalisation process. What are the benefits of RPA in the Digital Transformation race? How can it help companies establish a new normal today when the crisis is not over yet? What is Engineering's approach to this technology? What role can RPA play in building digital ecosystems? And how will it impact business models that are increasingly based on digitalisation?

Engineering D.HUB Sales Specialist tells us how Intelligent Automation creates a new alliance between technology and man. Guaranteeing efficiency, productivity and quality even in the most critical situations.