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Governance, Risk, Regulatory & Compliance


GRACE platform offers a set of specialized applications in Governance, Risk, Regulatory and Compliance

Grace provides Chief Financial Officers, Chief Risk Officer and Chief Compliance Officer with the tools and information needed for bank governance, enabling:
  • decision-making, with the utmost confidence;
  • observing expected cut-offs;
  • providing a common and certified information set to business structures, which will use it to run analyses and evaluations concerning on customers, processes and offering.

Grace is a federated application platform, composed by an ODS database (Operational Data Store) and by shared functions for CFO, CRO and CCO, specialized for the banking world. It also includes three vertical applications, specialized by area: Basel III, Corep (Risk Management) and Finrep (Balance).


The main shared services supporting the various applications are:
  • Data & Process Governance, which centrally manages the information and processes of the whole system. The tool allows customers to implement the models according to their specific needs, and guarantees parameterization through special impact-analysis functions;
  • Data Quality Management, which guarantees the information quality and the analysis of improvement processes;
  • Data Publisher, which allows the use of the information set towards the Customer Data Mart or the third-party applications, using Data & Process Governance and tracing the evolution of data and processes.

Grace is open to the integration with third-party applications, especially towards those related to Local Central Bank Reporting, other Authorities (e.g. AML, Market Abuse, Anti-terrorism, Local Magistracy), Performance Management and Audit.

Case Study

Big data for Big Banks

Collecting, mapping, and integrating data deriving from various regulatory and management procedures. This is what our solutions have done for one of the largest banking institutions in Italy.

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