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Smart Transportation

We ensure seamless, secure, reliable and data-driven mobility services for people, goods, assets and infrastructures.

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Smart Transportation

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Regulate and monitor automated systems and devices through a set of hardwares devices and software. Guarantee and improve availability, safety, reliability and longevity of their assets through a real-time monitoring and forecasting. Enable the communication between means of transport, control rooms, stations/ports and passengers by managing a collection of nodes and links. Automate ticketing systems, including automatic gate machines, ticket vending machines and ticket checking machines. Support driver's or personnel's activities and maintenance, collecting and elaborating data, locating and monitoring vehicles. Analyze and elaborate data to obtain valuable information supporting decision making activities through predictive models, what-if analysis and other applications. Enable a secure transport for passengers and freight through a set of safety devices and systems. Develop and provide software solutions and services aimed at coordinating and managing assets optimizing performances. Align processes and activities depending on end-user needs, objectives and feedbacks. Combine networks, infrastructures and processes to deliver IT services. Automate processes through smart softwares that imitate the behavior of human operators. Model and manage all data involved in fare calculation, payment and billing. Prevent, detect and response to cyber attacks, in order to protect information of networks of different entities. Services aimed to design, implement, transform, optimize and operate technology and cloud solutions. Services aimed to enhance, evolve and support end users in the adoption and use of business and technology solutions in the modern workplace. Services aimed to ensure the optimal coverage of Clients' business needs through technology. Services aimed to design, develop, implement and maintain omnichannel (including mobile) applications for connected devices. Services aimed to design software applications and services focusing on the quality of user experience and interfaces. Services aimed to design and implement Clients' strategies related to brand, online positioning and multimedia.

Case Study

Metro Copenhagen: Control systems for the new subway

Collaborating with Leonardo and Salini Impregilo, we provided monitoring and control systems for Cityringen, the new driverless M3 metro line in the city of Copenhagen.

Case Study

The app that leads the way

New apps for road personnel optimize and digitalize activities, ensuring real-time communication with the operation room.

Focus On

Digital Workplace

We transform the way we work, learn and collaborate through digital platforms, in total security, anywhere, anytime.

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Digital Twin

Digital Twin is a digital copy of reality, that enables you to simulate and find answers in a risk free and secure environment.

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Cybersecurity protects and enables your organization as it embraces Digital Transformation.

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Engineering Innovation

Engineering Innovation Delivering the power of Innovation triggered by ideas

Case Study

(Extra)ordinary maintenance

Safety first: optimizing maintenance of railway infrastructure through the use of new technologies.

Case Study

Smart Transportation in South America

An innovative platform integrates data and information to create a "smart" public transport system.

Case Study

A leading cruise line increases its business by optimizing User Experience

By integrating its IT systems with Dynatrace, our Client improves the UX of its online customers.

Case Study

Technology takes you far away!

Le nostre tecnologie sono ogni giorno al servizio dei viaggiatori, per agevolare il processo di pagamento e ottimizzare l'impiego dei dati disponibili.

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Digital Transformation

Engineering Digital Transformation Transforming the present to enable the future.

Case Study

Big Data for rail transportation

We are leveraging the full value of our clients’ data by integrating analytical tools that can help them reduce the risks associated with their most complex decisions.

Case Study

New technologies for smart railways

We are contributing to passenger safety with new tools for controlling and monitoring the technical equipment used in tunnels.

Case Study

"Smart" maintenance

The Internet of Things facilitates monitoring and maintenance of one of Italian's largest highway networks.

Case Study

A Digital Subway in Northern Europe

A Digital Twin to monitor one of the best driverless subways in the world.

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Assets Predictive Analysis, Monitoring & Integration

Digital Platform for Asset Integration, Performance Monitoring and Predictive Analysis.


Field Service Management​

Holistic management of field services.

Ines Cloud

Smart Mobility & Parking

Platform designed for the complete management of urban mobility processes for smart cities.