25 years of Italian IT. The story of Engineering Ingegneria Informatica.

Mario Bolognani, Sergio de Vio, Nicola Melideo, Giuseppe Scifo, Marco Vital | Ed. Il Sole 24 Ore | 2005

By telling the story of one of the most important Italian IT companies, this book also looks back at the history of an industrial sector, Information Technology, in Italy.

At the start of 2000, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica was already a "safe company, proud of its results" after 20 years in business. The market was moving at that point under pressure from the introduction of the Euro and the so-called Year 2000 problem, while the high tide of the New Economy was ebbing.

What are the secrets of this success in an IT market that continues to be in recession?

This book tries to provide the answers by looking at the entrepreneurial case of Engineering, telling of its most important events, the technological evolution, economic matters, strategies and ethics, tradition and innovation in this Italian group.