The secrets of a successful Italian company. Twenty years of Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A.

M. Bolognani, S. de Vio, N. Melideo, G. Scifo | Ed. Il Sole 24 Ore - AA.VV. | 2000

There are many ways to celebrate an anniversary. Writing a book to hand over the twenty years of a company to history and tell the secrets of its success is an act of great vitality, intelligence and trust in the future.

In the introduction, de Vio writes: "It is to celebrate this event that some friends and I decided to write, as a kind of invitation to enter the company and grasp the unique nature and characteristics of its history. We focused our attention on the organizational conduct of the company and in the company, and we outlined the entrepreneurs, the people who created this company and guided its conduct".

These same entrepreneurs tell of their own personal histories in this book, talking about friends, ambitions, ideals, encounters and disputes, make ups and break ups in the carrying out of their positions in the company that translate into the difficult moments and times of lively vitality in their work.

The book offers an interpretation of the philosophical, practical, organizational and economic attitude adopted by Engineering Ingegneria Informatica's founders and also presents the company's organizational characteristics, the culture lying behind it, while telling the story within the context of the development of Italy's IT sector.