The Veneto Region's "Operational Governance" portal

Transparency and efficiency are the goals that the Veneto Regional Administration uses to monitor technological services via the web.

Thanks to the SGO portal, the Veneto Regional Administration provides increasingly essential technological services for the good functioning of its regional institutions and economic-social fabric, in carrying out strategic planning, supply control and IT services use.

The functions provided on the portal allow a precise, immediate monitoring of the provision of IT services, in terms of both quality and quantity.

Thanks to the flexibility of the parts implemented (information dashboards and analysis tools, document management, collaboration tools 2.0), the system has created true mini-sites dedicated to special thematic areas within the portal, thus offering all the information and relative services, suitably profiled, to the specific user in a simple, immediate manner.

Thanks to this project, the Veneto Region now has an objective, precise control tool used in real time on all monitored services, which has improved the quality of regional IT services and has simplified supplier management, with immediate benefit for operators and citizens.

Engineering's thirty years of experiences teaches us that the success factor for correct, profitable management of supplies is the capacity to guarantee continuous coordination between administration and supplier, coordination that can be achieve via applying shared, consolidated management methods and also by using an Operational Governance System (SGO) that can monitor all the operational processes.