The Crios Suite, the new Risks Center for banks

A state-of-the-art system for full management of Risk Exposure.

Crios foresees integrated architecture and management of a common repository with "mandatory" basic modules and other options based on real legislative and information needs to be supported (that can be implemented and activated separately).

The evolution and sophistication that have characterized the banking market for a few years now, make it advisable that the broker (bank or financial) adopt suitable tools for monitoring credit risk in all its logic and content, as part of the management methods of corporate governance.

One of the latter is the large amount of information contained in the Risks Center, which can, in fact, be used by the banks for fulfilling reporting obligations, and also for broadening knowledge of its own clients, for monitoring the risk of credit granted and for contributing to improving the quality of uses.

The Crios solution is separated into various modules that respond to the following needs:

  • maintaining  the information dialogue towards the Banca d'Italia Risks Center and Limited Amounts by the automatic management of correspondence, using online and batch process functions
  • using the bank's personal information database for retrieving information needed to sustain dialogue with the supervisory bodies
  • having an integrated database for management of data exchange and analysis of the data
  • carrying out guided analyses on the assigned credit positions or that are the subject of query together with summary information to provide "alerts" when there are any irregularities on exposures
  • carrying out analyses on single subjects, or in economic groups;
  • for credit groups, it allows the parent company to carry out analyses on the exposure of a subject or an economic group, compared to the entire credit group/subgroup
  • for brokers who are part of the group, carrying out analyses on subjects with a credit line granted by them, or grouped into economic groups, on the dependent credit subgroup
  • analyzing the total exposures in a standardized manner, in order to carry out evaluations of the clients, expressed with summary indicators (scores) and statistical values in order to measure the quality of the undertakings reported to the Risks Center
  • carrying out free analyses by producing analyses sheets that show the information in numerical or graph form (multi-dimensional and free analysis)
  • offering information collection services to make them available on external applications (calculation of ratings, customer sheets and credit evaluation)
  • offering services for the preparation of queries on credit lines for its own clients (initial information) coming from external applications (Electronic Line of Credit Applications)
  • daily updating the analysis of the positions that are being updated (risk adjustment).