SIMPATICO: SIMplifying the interaction with PA Through It for Citizens and cOmpanies

Co-funded by the European Commission under the H2020 research program, the project aims to improve on-line services for citizens, in particular by making them easier to use.

The three-year project, which began in March 2016, aims to eliminate current major barriers to the adoption of on-line services dedicated to citizens, through the creation of a new public digital resource, "Citizenpedia", for collecting and disseminating the knowledge and experience of the entire community of users, administrations and professionals. 

From the research point of view, the project will use advanced techniques for understanding natural language and automatic learning – the same techniques that are already used for automatic translation, for example from English to Italian.

The SIMPATICO approach is implemented through a platform that can be deployed on existing Public Administration systems, enabling service delivery in a customised way without having to modify or replace their internal systems: this is a process that is often too expensive for the PA, especially considering cuts in resources imposed by the current economic situation.

The platform is positioned between users and the internal legacy systems of the PA, integrating and adapting the process of interaction with its services, and offering and improved user experience.

Engineering is responsible for the architecture of the platform and integration of the various components. It is also responsible for the Citizen Data Vault module for the management of personal data for the citizen. This digital service gives the citizen access to and control over their data used by the PA during interaction with on-line services. This service provides citizens with fine-grained visibility about how, when and by whom their data are used.

Three pilots are involved: Trento, Sheffield (UK) and the Galicia (Spain) region.