Infomobility for airport logistics

This solution allows location and communication between trucks for the integrated transportation of luggage.

The solution developed by Engineering also has the aim of optimizing use of trucks under the direct control of coordinators and a reduction in pointless transfers, centralized location of trucks and improvement in communication and the tracking process.

Central Application

  • Reception and forecasting of transport needs
  • Viewing of current status
  • Order of requests, scheduling and creation of missions
  • Location of trucks
  • Dispatching
  • Tracking.



Mobile Application

  • On board computer
  • GPS receiver for determining movement in correspondence to outdoor areas
  • Blind navigation system (dead reckoning) for determining movement in correspondence to indoor areas
  • Fixed RFId identification device reading system
  • Touch-screen viewer for truck driver to consult missions
  • Wi-Fi communication card with relative aerials
  • Management of customers who have undergone rescheduling following an operational irregularity and communication of details for the flight program variations to the customer.