TRI-BOX: the application solution for managing taxation in small and medium size municipalities

Investing in the future by continuing to manage incoming revenue in an integrated mode, thus responding to the expectations of a modern community: citizens and enterprises who increasingly receive responses to their own needs from the body via the simple use of instruments such as smartphones and tablets.

The idea of TRI-BOX was born in the spirit of technological evolution in favor of increasingly smart solutions: a modern web application, structured into complementary modules that are also independent, capable of answering the needs of ordinary and extraordinary management of local revenue.

At a functional level, it comprises Engineering's thirty years competence and experience in developing solutions for local taxation management, guaranteeing a high level of operational and management reliability. One or more lots of revenue are managed with a single software solution, guaranteeing the most complete dynamics of information and the link of the data from each position involved.

The functions present allow both counter operations for managing direct relations with the taxpayer and more specifically mass type, e.g. data analysis, recoveries, statistics, issuing of control provisions and any questionnaires, ... TRI-BOX has a simple, intuitive interface; it optimizes user experience and allows immediate operativeness.

Integration with the municipal registry office and territorial information enhance consultation of revenue, providing an all-round vision of the tax position. Therefore, the purely accounting data referring to the revenue is connected to both the actual registry situation and the reference territorial position.

The solution is further enriched by the document repository that operates across the board on all revenue managed by the system. This is the taxpayer's digital dossier.

TRI-BOX is available in Cloud SaaS mode, or can be used as a web service thanks to the use of hw/sw resources distributed and virtualized on the web.

In addition to the inherent advantages of TRI-BOX, there are also the advantages linked to Cloud management: reduction of management costs, streamlined operations, reduction of risks.

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