The Virtual Counter for income support services

This project was created, with technological contribution from Engineering, due to INPS (Italian National Pension Fund Scheme) need to manage online sending of applications regarding Income Support Services (PRS) via the internet.

All the received applications are sent to the competent offices that, again online, prepare the files and determine payments to be made, simplifying relations with citizens and/or their intermediaries.

The realization of "virtual counters" is part of the creation of online services, with the introduction of applications that are required to provide institutional services via the Internet, as direct implementation of regulatory and legislative restrictions in the PSR field.

The new model is implemented by evolving services that are already offered to the citizen via normal internet channels, contact centers, intermediaries (e.g. charitable institutions) and by developing new application services that can be directly accessed by the final user or via the channels mentioned above. Making the services available online must therefore be

placed in an overall process of improved efficiency, intended to reduce processing times for both the citizen (who no longer has to go to the institute's offices) and for staff (who no longer have to record data found on paper documents), in also costs.

The main benefit coming from this project carried out by Engineering is the fully automated management of processing service applications and the simplification of relations with citizens, with the consequent elimination of queues at the counters and loss of efficiency due to the use of paper documents and pre-printed forms. Another important benefit is the reduction of processing times, with a consequent positive impact for citizens and productivity in the offices.