Engineering is one of the promoters of the research project that aims to study innovation processes and models for ICT-based services.

The Web and its social aspects (Web 2.0), Cloud Computing and the Internet of the Future, the large amount of data available (Big Data) and semantic analysis (Semantic Web or Web 3.0) are fundamental elements of evolution in the ICT business and services market that are a driving force behind future innovations.

The BA2Know project is part of the Laboratory Service Innovation (SI-Lab) initiative and aims to develop platforms for management of the life cycle of knowledge and rapid development of complex Business Analytics solutions via analytical components/environments for intelligent services, with verticalizations in the Energy, Transport and Healthcare sectors.

In this way, the aim is to enable virtuous mechanisms of interaction between the public and private, aimed at the creation of operational competences and instruments to support service innovation based on User-driven ICT-based Service Innovation).

Together with other aggregation projects, the aim is to create a network of excellence, skills, instruments and services that can be purchased and used by the service companies to become more innovative in internet-based markets and their evolutions.

The main result is the preparation of an online collaborative, multi-disciplinary, dynamic, flexible, creative environment with a strong orientation towards progress in state-of-the-art in the realm of ICT service and open innovation and innovative management of information and knowledge. This environment is truly intended to be a virtual laboratory of research and development that carries out studies and realizes prototypes to aid discovery of innovative solutions.

The following take part in this virtual laboratory:

  • researchers in companies that provide service innovation-enabling solutions
  • researchers from research bodies and universities who contribute with multi-disciplinary topics regarding Service Innovation
  • companies that want or need to innovate in the ICT services field.

The project foresees experiments in the following fields:

  • Energy Saving, with particular reference to intelligent networks with energy distribution
  • Logistics and Transport, with particular reference to traffic monitoring in towns and management of emergency services, including ambulances, police and fire services
  • Human healthcare, with particular reference to Bio-Information Technology and Pharmacogenomics.

More info on BA2KnowTraining on University of Calabria website.