EDIMEC PLATFORM EDISON: each player is a supplier and user of services

Engineering supports the companies that are part of Distretto Sicilia Meccatronica (Sicilian Mechatronics District) in their creation of an environment based on the principles of Open Service Innovation and a platform for interoperations between Public Administrations, using a citizen-focused approach.

The EDIMEC PLATFORM EDISON project intends to develop an organized paradigm where each player can be both the supplier and the user of services: a company does not realize itself solely through its resources, but also with its business partners, suppliers and customers, in accordance with the concept of Enterprise 2.0.

The extremely interactive web environments allow flexibility in intellectual work, opening up new opportunities for reconciling work time with family time and private life. This is even truer in use in application mobility on smartphones or tablets, a reason for which a mobile version of EDISON will be developed, i.e. a version of the project that can be used by the main tablets and smartphones.

The proposed environment of inter- and intradistrict Social Collaboration will allow the companies in the Sicilian Mechatronics District to develop relations that can improve their ways of doing business, driving the competitive advantage concept; from an operational point of view, the proposed environment enables the creation of enterprise networks for solving operational problems and to exploit new opportunities for integrating the value chain. Collaboration/integration between value chains allows companies to acquire the advantages deriving from horizontal and vertical integrations.

The platform foresees the development of commonly useful services, integrated into EDIMEC PLATFORM EDISON according to the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) paradigm, and back-end services for registration details and content management.

The common use services are as follows:

  • Yellow Page Service
  • Partnership Search Service
  • Partnership Ranking Service
  • Semantics Search Service
  • Messaging and Social Interaction Service
  • Attribution of competences
  • Offers Noticeboard and skills/offers matchmaking Service
  • User reputation management service
  • Idea diary
  • Questions and Answers
  • CAD file management on Service Center
  • Service Center queue management
  • Shared knowledge base.